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Game Grades - Seahawks at Panthers

Oct 08 2012 06:55 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
The Panthers once again faced a top defense in this league, and once again their college style offense look like it should have stayed in school.

On with the grades...


The option doesn't work. The option, it doesn't work. One thing that doesn't work, the option. If I had to choose one thing that doesn't work, it would be the option. Option. No. Work. No.

Offensive Grade: F


Overall the defense was good. After all, they put up more points than the offense.

Kuechly is a rising star in this league and had a great presence in the huddle as he gave out the play call. The players already respect him, he is a natural leader.

Alexander and Norman are to rookies that will be contributing to the Panthers for a long time, fans should be excited about that.

Captain had a fantastic game. Obviously his pick 6 was great to see, but his tackling and help in run support was something to be equally excited about.

Defensive Grade: B


See offensive grade.

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:: before

Don't know if you touched on this or not, but do you think the read-option could be a viable offense for us moving forward?
Last year's offense + this year's defense. Would've been nice.
You know, I never thought in a million years I would be saying the offense was this team's weakness this season instead of the defense or special teams, but here we are. When were all predicting what we thought the Panthers would do this year, I optimistically said we'd go 10-6. Now, after seeing the team so far, and looking at our remaining schedule, it would not surprise me if we suffer through a repeat of the 1-15 season of the Seifert era. Given what I've seen so far, I can't help but think we're playing for draft picks now. I say this after sitting through that abortion yesterday, and wondering why I continue to waste money on this team.
Yep, its ass backwards from what I expected... Can't believe the offense is so bad. Players aren't playing well, but it starts with the coaching.
Before the season it seemed the coaches,players and fans all had such high expections,now the expections have gone done in flames. I have to agree with nc_biscuit,it all starts with the coaching staff,Ron Rivera on down. There seems to be a lack of chemistry on this team that prevents it from playing to its full potential.
The helmets get an A+. Not one popped off. The future looks bright.
i thought the defense would be doing good to limit lynch to 125 yards and 1 TD.

everyone thought that he would shred us.

defense held him to 85 yards and no TDs.

quite impressive. the defense played really well, even if it was one of the weakest offenses in the league.

the defense did really well and put this team in position to win. the offense sucked and lost the game. they should have been able to get into the end zone at least once. coaching didn't help, but i think the game plan was at least good enough to get us one offensive score. the players on the field just didn't get the job done. this is most certainly on them.
Yeah, each week it's becoming more and more apparent that the problem is the offense. Offiensive playcalling specifically.

McDermott caught a lot of flack for crappy defense, but he really has been doing his best to make chicken salad out of chicken shiz. I mean, outside of our linebacking corps, we maybe have one player in Charles Johnson who anyone would even mention in a Pro Bowl conversation (even jokingly). The rest of our defense is a who's who of "who?" And yet with adjustments, tweaks, and new facets every week, we've seen them get better and better.

Chud on the other hand has done the exact opposite. He has taken without a doubt one of the most talent-loaded offenses in the league and allowed them to be mediocre at best. The O-line personnel on paper are almost all studs, our stable of running backs is solid (I would say the best in the game, but I still hate signing Tolbert, and still have no idea what he brings to the table), Greg Olsen can pile up stats, Smith should be a HOFer, and Lafell is emerging as a more-than-passable number 2. All that AND Cam Newton too? So how is it that this crop can't even score a touchdown. Nuts to "they can't convert on 4th and 1." It's inconceivable that this offense would even BE 4th and 1!
did you mention that the option doesnt work? just making sure we didnt miss that one...haha
Cam Newton playing like garbage *Lord Bless Him*. Deangelo Williams what are we paying you for???. Johnathan Stewart needs to be our main runningcback. Steve Smith and Brandon Lafell need some help. Why we ain't throwing the ball to greg olsen and we need jeremy shockey back. Ron Rivera go sit down somewhere and for you to be a defensive mind coach you sure is soft. We need a new GM becuase the one we got is either slow or just dumb as hell. Why the hell did we get Mike Tolbert if we ain't gone use him. Stop running with cam a the goal line and give it to Mike Tolbert. Damn use your brain cells. Stop playing soft coverages with our cornerbacks tell them to press a motherfuger. "At time like this its hard to be a panther fans but thats my number 1 team" smh
Oct 19 2012 08:00 AM
I agree with almost everything said. Except I still believe in D-Will. J-Stew is probably better but a lot of his success is that he usually runs with a lead block where as D-Will mostly runs draws and pitches

I agree with almost everything said. Except I still believe in D-Will. J-Stew is probably better but a lot of his success is that he usually runs with a lead block where as D-Will mostly runs draws and pitches

Haven't noticed this. I mostly noticed option option option.

Edit: Then again, this Panther season has led me to excessive drinking by mid 1st quarter.
Panther coaching, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory once again.