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Oct 22 2012 08:49 AM CatfanMO Carolina Panthers
Marty Hurney, long time Panthers GM, has been fired.

More to come per Panthers.com

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:: before

Rivera better win 5 more games this year at least, maybe more
alright you all got your wish....no who the fug do we hire
Long time coming. Did not really need this year to make this decision

alright you all got your wish....no who the fug do we hire

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Can anyone confirm a Holmgren/Richardson connection...After all, that did just take place.

this team is about to get bain capital before the trade deadline...straight gutted...

Cam said soon but DAMN!!!
Hurney, thank you for all you did for the team. Thank you for your integral roll in our Super Bowl run. Thank you for Pep, while he lasted, DWill, JStew, Kalil, Beason, Keuchly, Gross and Cam. We appreciate all you've done for us. But the time has come for you to move on. Don't let the fuggin' door hit you in the ass.

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Got lucky on the Smith Pick..

More like thank Seifert for picking Smith, Jenkins, Morgan before he left.

Hurney wasn't GM in 2001.
Way Truth Life
Oct 22 2012 09:14 AM

Still falling on the sword for JR, even on his way out the door. Amazing.

Why amazing? He said it. He sucked...the team sucked...Richardson had no choice...they are still life long friends....the amazing part is he made it through the lock out!
Jerry tells Marty "I want three well paid running backs under contract, we can never have enough. Do it."

Jerry tells Marty "You're fired you sonofabitch."
wow, never thought I'd see that happen
I haven't been this happy in 4 years. I am still in shock.
A new GM is going to want his own HC etc.....
holy poo
Praise God.

My thoughts:

This could save Rivera's job, doesn't mean he's next.

Colin Cowherd is so unbelievably and unfathomably retarded it's shocking. My jaw literally dropped when I read that tweet. Has that imbecilw not paid attention at all? Has he simply looked at Cam and Cam alone in an effort to poke a hole in him from day 1?

Oh yeah that's right..

Eric Decosta isn't leaving Baltimore. Hes one of the highest paid personnel guys in the league for the sole purpose of being Ozzie Newsome's heir apparent. He's turned down numerous jobs already.

Bring on Marc Ross.

Now... time to actually get someone that's better
Just in time for the Trade Deadline :startle:
Hopefully...whoever wrote the trade pick valuations formula will throw it out now.
Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton said after Carolina's latest crushing loss that "something had to change." It didn't take long.
The Panthers announced Monday morning that General Manager Marty Hurney has been relieved of his duties. He's run the team since 2002.

"This was an extremely difficult decision," said owner Jerry Richardson in a statement. "Marty made every effort to bring success to the Panthers and took the team to a Super Bowl and two NFC championship games. Unfortunately, we have not enjoyed the success we hoped for in recent years. I have the greatest respect and admiration for Marty and will always appreciate the way he tirelessly served the organization."
The Panthers had their share of success under Hurney, but it was never sustained. They followed up their Super Bowl year with a 7-9 season. They followed up their '08 12-4 season with an 8-8 mark. Hurney was never able to deliver back-to-back winning years.
Things really went south after 2008. Hurney doubled down on Jake Delhomme's contract, which put his team in a huge hole. He got the Jimmy Clausen pick wrong. Outside of Cam Newton, the Panthershave very little to show for the last few drafts.
Hurney went on a spending spree before the 2011 season to poor results. They have the highest paid backfield in the league with Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. Their rushing attack is 24th in rushing attempts despite giving $43 million guaranteed to their top two backs.

Whether it was John Fox or the current coach Ron Rivera, Hurney and the coaching staff didn't always seem to be on the same page.
"I am very fortunate to have been a part of one of the best organizations in the NFL since 1998," Hurney said. "As General Manager I will always regret not helping us win the Super Bowl or having back-to-back winning seasons. I hope this change starts accomplishing the direction to those goals. I understand this decision by Mr. Richardson and will always have an extremely close relationship with him. I consider him the best owner in the NFL. I am responsible for everybody in coaching, the players, the scouts and everybody in football operations. After six weeks, we are 1-5 coming off a 6-10 season."
It is a very unusual to fire a general manager in the middle of the season, but this is Richardson's signal that change is coming to Carolina. It's also a reminder how difficult life in the NFL can be. ThePanthers have lost four games by one score. If they complete another pass or two, Hurney still has his job.
It begins...
Very interesting comment from Charles Johnson on Hurney. Your thoughts. Is he crazy or just blind.
charles johnson@randywattson
Marty wasn't the reason we are losing! That's bs! Unbelievable! Marty might be the realist GM that I know #InMyMind BS BS BS BS!

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bright side to 1-5......this would be it.
Whoever becomes GM will want his own coaching staff. Marty Hurney got fired because of horrible salary cap management and bad personnel moves. Rivera and staff will likely follow.