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Justin Blackmon To Visit Panthers

Apr 04 2012 11:34 AM ARSEN Carolina Panthers
Could be due diligence, could be real interest. Panthers would likely need to trade up to select him in the draft. If he does fall to the 9th selection, it is a good possibility he would be the pick.

Blackmon's draft stock has been on a steady rise for two years, and the two-time Biletnikoff Award winner has built a resume worthy of a top-10 pick in the 2012 draft.
With former Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant off to play for the Dallas Cowboys, Blackmon stepped into the void as a redshirt sophomore -- and quickly stepped out of Bryant's immense shadow. Blackmon earned multiple All-American honors and was the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year. It was the first time in 12 years a non-quarterback earned the title.
Blackmon redshirted his first season in Stillwater, but came on as the team's most productive newcomer in 2009. His 20 receptions covered 260 yards and two touchdowns, helping to overcome the loss of Bryant to NCAA suspension for lying to investigators.
He lit up opponents consistently in '10 with 111 receptions for 1,782 yards and 20 touchdowns. Blackmon gained over 100 yards receiving and at least one touchdown in all 12 games in which he played in 2010, including 5-157-2 against a tough Nebraska squad (playing against top CB Prince Amukamara) and 9-172-2 in the team's 36-10 dismantling of Arizona in the Alamo Bowl.
Blackmon didn't let up in 2011, accumulating 113 catches for 1,337 yards and 15 touchdowns during the regular season in helping the Cowboys earn a trip to the Fiesta Bowl.
Scouts are a bit dubious about Blackmon, however, wondering if he will end up more like former OSU stud receivers Adarius Bowman or Rashaun Woods than like Bryant. His midseason DUI arrest in 2010 will not help his character grade. However, even with average speed for his size, his strength and hands should make him a solid value as a steady, if not elite, lead receiver.




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No thanks. We shouldn't spend our #1 on a WR with other glaring needs.

D-line, D-back, LB, O-line, P > WR
Due diligence. Good.
Punter > WR???
If he drops to #9, I'd be pretty happy with Blackmon.
I would be mad, WR is far from our highest need. As long as Steve is still a #1 caliber wide out, we really don't need to draft another receiver. We just drafted LaFell, Gettis, and Pilares. They need time to grow, and drafting another wideout or two every draft isn't helping that at all.

Stick to the defense and O-Line this draft.
I have speculation fatigue. I don't really care anymore. Anybody we draft will be good. We'll make Newton's job easier no matter who we draft.

Due diligence. Good.

if the panthers get a chance to get their absolute favorite WR in the entire draft at #9 and feel he's worth that high of a selection, i would encourage them to do just that and not look back.
Not a big Blackmon fan but it is a good idea to bring him in and at least pretend we are interested in case somebody picking a few spots behind us REALLY wants him. In other words:

He becomes an option, or trade down bait if everyone is in love with Floyd.
A WR for us this year at 9 is a luxury pick IMO. At the sake of our defense, we can't afford to make luxury picks.

Punter > WR???

Lol. I second this statement.
I think people are making a mistake when they say WR is not a need. Gettis is not proven, Lafell is a solid #3, and Smith is short and old-could hit the wall any time.

Compare Gettis to Hardy. Hardy is healthy and actually about where CJohnson was after 2 seasons. Gettis was fair as a rookie and injured with a bad knee injury as a second-year pro. Some of the same people who say we do not need WR want DE. The say. "We need to upgrade our pass rush." We have. DE takes time. Hardy, Keiser, Applewhite

They want a DT. We have 4 DTs (who played better as the year progressed) who were rookies. We have a veteran coming off IR.

They say we need CB when we have no idea how good Hogan will be. Newsflash. We will not know about a drafted CB either.

Even if Lafell continues to develop and Gettis becomes a solid #2, a fourth WR who has #1 potential would be HUGE. It would free Steve Smith from double teams. Allow him to work the slot.

How again is WR a lesser need than DT, CB, or DE? You are guessing, as I am, but I never would say something stupid like, "We have other needs." We need WR.

Finally, look at the value at DE, DT, and CB at #9--Every pick at those positions would be a reach. Floyd and Blackmon would be smarter than any DT, DE, or CB if we do not trade back.
We will not draft a DT. Rivera was very happy with McLaine and Fua last season. We will either take DE or WR in 1st round. We addressed many needs in FA market except DE, WR, and LB. Smith needs to be moved into slot to be more productive. Dude is gonna be 34 in no time, he will hit the wall very soon.
If Blackmon falls to 9, he's going to be the best player there. Plus, surrounding your good young quarterback with talent is always a good thing. Gettis and Lafell have shown some great things, but neither one has been a legitimate starter and threat for an entire season. I don't want to stick Newton in a Josh Freeman type situation where age (Smitty) and younger players regressing (Lafell, Gettis) contributes to the quarterback struggling.
The whole idea that we don't need a WR is silly. One of the biggest recurring themes with this organization since Moose left (the first time) was that we have utterly failed to put a solid #2 next to Smitty.

With Smitty being the age he is drafting a WR with #1 skills while he still has a few years left on him can only help. LaFell / Gettis may turn out to be great. They may not.

We have lots of needs this offseason and WR is one of them.
gotta grab him if he slips
If he's BPA at 9 I see absolutely no reason to not pick him. Better than reaching for someone who could be had in the middle of the draft.
No thanks to a 6'1 WR in the top 10.

I reserve that air for the freaks. Fitz, Johnson, and Megatron.
Should we spend our #9 pick on someone who isn't even going to be on the board by then? Hmmm....
Now that we have a franchise QB widereceivers will WANT to sign here just so they can play with Cam. There's really no need to draft one.

Now that we have a franchise QB widereceivers will WANT to sign here just so they can play with Cam. There's really no need to draft one.

I disagree with this in theory more than relating to one specific player. If a WR is available when we pick and they are clearly the best player available (in any year in any draft) AND WR is a position of need for the team why not take them instead of relying on another team to let an excellent WR in the meat of their career walk in FA?

It's a good thing that we have more drawing power than we did before but saying we shouldn't draft Position X because of that drawing power is not the correct reaction.
I just worry that Blackmon is going to be the next Crabtree.

I don't have many reasons, but it just crossed my mind.

I guess they are similar size, speed, and build. Plus they are from spread, Big12 offense.

I dunno.
I would much rather have Michael Floyd. I don't see Blackmon being anything more than an average receiver.

I have speculation fatigue. I don't really care anymore. Anybody we draft will be good. We'll make Newton's job easier no matter who we draft.