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Notes and Memos - Redskins

Nov 04 2012 04:15 PM Mr. Scot Carolina Panthers
Dear Redskins,

Why did you shoot me?

- Your Foot

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:: before

Dear Cam,

You're da man.


Bob aka Cam Lite
Dear Cartman,

Thanks for the penalty. Great timing.

- Your Old Line Mates
Dear Shanahan,

We've already shown that read option crap don't work.


Everyone but Chud
Dear Armanti,

...wait what?

- Me
That #1 overall pick is slipping away.
Dear DeAngelo Hall,


Agent 89
Dear Aggression,

Welcome back.

- Panther Players and Fans
Thank you Panthers

-Mitt Romney
Dear Shanahan,

I'm not walking through that door,

-John Elway
Dear RG3,

Welcome to the NFL. Enjoy the ice bath loser.

-Panthers Defense
Dear Everybody,

Do you fugging see me on Cam's fugging head after a fugging win?

Been a while since I've been able to post one of these threads.

Feels good :)
Dear Notes and Memos

Welcome back its good to see you!

The Huddle
Dear RG III,

I hear you want to be compared to me.

Sorry but, I'm a Cam Newton fan.

discount double-check,
Aaron Rodgers
Dear NFL pregame shows:

Still "definitely want" Bob Griffin over me along with "80% of the rest of the league"?

-Cameron Jerrell Newton

Dear Shanahan:

When you use me like your ho, it'll eventually bite you on the ass.

4th down conversions
Dear Luke Kuechly,

Ouch :(

Beason's chances at being the Panthers' MLB next season
Dear Armanti,

It's about time you do something after all these years I've propped you up.

Dear Colin Cowherd.

Here's a tissue.

-- False sympathy
Dear Wilson,

I wagged my dick in your face after that TD catch.

Yours Truly,

AR-15 Panther
Nov 04 2012 04:59 PM

Dear huddle, I will continue to celebrate first downs and tds, quit your b####ing.

Love, dat true n@##$% Cam.

Nice to finally meet you.

- Greg Hardy and Charles Johnson
Dear refs,

Holy poo you sucked in that game.

- Both teams
Dear Media and Fans calling for DeAngelo to be traded,

F you.


#34's 30 yard TD
dear brakes,

sorry, i don't think i'll be needing you anymore this year.

rivera's foot
Dear Luke Kuechly,


- Your Head

Ditto from me.

- Alfred Morris