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Sep 22 2013 06:09 PM Zod Carolina Panthers
During warmups, Jerry Richardson typically plays host to the visiting executives. He is routinely seen driving them around on his cart as he shows them the stadium.

This day was different. Jerry was not playing host. Instead, he got out of his cart and made his presence felt in the end zone during warm up drills. At one point I thought he was in danger of being hit by an offensive linemen, but he didn't budge. As they players walked to mid field, Jerry Richardson stood there stoically.

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The result was the biggest lopsided victory in Panthers history. The Panthers fired on all cylinders and finally gave fans a glimpse of what is possible with this team.

The defense posted a shutout as I began to actually feel a little sorry for young Eli Manning. Eli frequently decided to hit the dirt before contact was made, a wise decision on his part.

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This was the defense that we all dreamed of this offseason. An unrelenting group of men determined to devastate their opponent.

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In fact, some of their hits knocked the Giants offensive players cleanly off their feet.

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The biggest question mark going in to the game was the Panthers secondary. Thomas Davis challenged them to make a play. The front seven was doing their part, it was time for the secondary to step up and contribute. Melvin White, a rookie out of Lafayette, did so in convincing fashion. His interception of Eli Manning some would say put the nail in their coffin.

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On offense we saw the Cam Newton of old. A Cam Newton not afraid to run the ball. A Cam Newton without the leash that Mike Shula had placed on him for two games. It seems the Panthers remembered they have one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the league, and called plays accordingly.

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Cam did have an interception (pictured below). Credit the Giants defense for getting in his face and forcing Cam to throw off his back foot. That would be the last time the Giants defense did something worth mentioning.

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The Panthers rushing attack also found its mojo once again. Deangelo Wiliams rushed for 120 yards.

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Mike Tolbert was not as effective in terms of yards, but very effective in spelling Deangelo and making sure the Giants defensive interior stayed winded.

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One thing I pointed out in the pregame was that Cam would need to spread the ball around if the Panthers were to win this game. While it is strange not seeing Steve Smith on the top of the receiving stats, it is for the best.

Brandon Lafell finally got a pair of Cam Newton touchdowns, and was congratulated by #1 in epic fashion...

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Tedd Ginn Also snared a touchdown...

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and promptly rewarded a lucky fan.

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But to me, the play of the game was the Cam Newton QB sneak for the touchdown.

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For weeks we have been calling for the Panthers to use Cam on short down yardage. You have a huge and hugely talented quarterback, why would you not run him for a short quick gain? Apparently Mike Shula heard our cries and turned him loose. The result was sustained drives and 7 points.

Once Cam scored that touchdown, I could literally feel a huge weight being lifted off of his shoulders for him. He gave a yell that was more serious than campy. more genuine than contrived. It was pure unadulterated joy, and it was fantastic.

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After the game Cam was called over by Eli Manning and exchanged a few pleasantries with him. Cam was all class and wished him the best of luck the rest of the season.

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The End.



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Okay now put up the Game Grades, cant wait to read the logic

for the first sunday in a long time, it felt good to be a panthers fan. im kind of disappointed that the bye is next week

Epic post and amazing photographs Zod. Thanks.
I love you
*tears up*


Best post i've ever read on here.  Great stuff!

Great pictures. I just realized that the Falcons, Packers, and 49ers are all 1-2. The Panthers can still make the playoffs.

Class act by eli even tho he got slaughtered.


Eli cool points went up a bit.

His o-line is worst then ours.



Outstanding work as usual Zod.

We need a gif of Cam after his rushing touchdown. He definitely was amped and seemed to have a weight lifted off his shoulders. You could sense the intensity just watching on TV. 

Today was epic!  Nothing was better than getting to chant lets go panthers as we walked by devestated Giants fans (those few who stuck around) on our way out of the stadium after having to endure defening chants of lets go giants by the throngs of Giants fans on our way into the stadium!  Now i know what you are all talking about with other teams fans taking over our house... hopefully today is the beginning of the end of that garbage!

It was a great win for the team, with a all around performance by the Offense, Defense & Special Team. The D-line & O-line set the tone for the game. If the offense can keep on scoring points, with the Defense containing teams, we are set up for a nice run after the bye week.


With Stewart returning after week 6 it will give us a nice boost in the running game when we play some hard nose defense.


Looking forward to a great run by the Panthers! #KeepPounding

Great pictures tho Zod, as always. 

I said this on Twitter already... but that first picture is one of the most epic pictures I have ever seen. Tells you everything you needed to know going into this game. Incredible shot.

awesome pictures. That picture of Cam after his TD is epic. 

Jerry must have got PhiilyB's letter.





Damn Cam, you scary.

The first picture may be the best shot of Big Cat I've ever seen.

The first picture is haunting.  Jerry seems so alone.  He's watching it all from afar but can't really do anything.  Almost like an obit picture.

Great work Zod.  These are art, not pics.


He is still pouting about his favorite Topcat leaving.


seriously, great pics.  This win felt like a cleansing from the last Giants game and start of this season.  I hope it continues. 


Way too many Giants fans though.  We need a better showing for MNF against the Pats.  They travel well too.

The Cam Roar pic is epic.

Awesome.  Some of your best game pics ever.  

Thanks Zod, great pics.

Make Jerry walk out to the endzone before every game