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Carolina Panthers Fan Fest information

  • Teaser Paragraph:

Fan Fest is Saturday at Bank of America Stadium. Although the practice is not until 4, there are things happening on the field before then. At 3:30 they usually play a really nice highlight video from the previous season. Then the topcats take the field with a routine or two before the players make their way down.

Here are some tips:

- Although Fan Fest is free, you will still need to have cash on hand to pay for parking. The garages are usually cheapest. 3 Wells Fargo garage next to The Green is a short walk and pretty cheap/clean/safe. Get to it off of College St.

- If you want autographs, get there early and sit on the home side of the stadium (south). Seems like more things get signed there than anywhere else. It helps if you have a specific player in mind and have a sign or something made up for him to get his attention. It also helps to have a 9 year old next to you.

- Shade will be at a premium. Again, get there early if you want a shaded seat. Aside from the autograph seats, they are the most coveted.

- Bring a Camera! Pictures from fan fest are eligible in our training camp photo contest. Topcat pictures can be entered and may be a easy way to win that sucker.

- This will be the best action from camp. Something happens when those players are in the stadium in front of fans. They go at full speed and have a bit more contact.

Please feel free to add your own tips or experiences here...


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