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Carolina Panthers Training Camp

  • Teaser Paragraph:

Once again it is time to get a first look at our Carolina Panthers.

Their practice schedule is listed here...

Here are a few tips you won't read on the Panthers official webpage....

- Autographs are given before and after practices. Line up at the fence near the athletic buildings about an hour before the scheduled practice. Not all players will sign. Some of the regulars that will sign most of the time are Steve Smith, Jon Beason, Jordan Gross, and Deangelo Williams. Ron RIvera will also usually sign.

- Kids are given priority during autograph time, as they should be. If you are an adult trying to push aside a child you will be called out and shamed for it.

- When you first arrive, look for the video cameras at the top of the large blue lifts. Whichever field they are pointing at will be the field that sees most of the action that day. Pick your spot accordingly.

- Bug spray, bug spray, bug spray, bug.... spray.

- If you visit the Beacon restaurant, be sure to say "a plenty" after your order to ensure maximum heart clogging damage

- Cameras are allowed, but video cameras are not. You may be asked to put them down.

- If it seems like players are ignoring you and your screams at them during practice, its because they are. They are there to work, not to listen to your opinions.

- Shade is at a premium. Get there early to grab a spot under one of the trees on the hill.

Training Camp veterans please feel free to add to this topic....


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