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Game Grades - Cowboys at Panthers

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Another home loss, the Panthers may have the worst record in the NFC... but they really aren't that good. On with the grades.


I am fairly certain I could paste last week's offensive grades here. But just to review...the option, it doesn't work.

Deangelo Williams had two carries, and in the press conference Rivera said it was because of "personnel". I can only assume this meant the makeshift offensive line would not provide the blocking that Deangelo would need. If I know one thing about Jerry RIchardon its that he values the dollar. Well Jerry, thats a whole lot of dollars sitting on the bench because your coaching staff has no idea how to use them. How do you feel about that?

Offensive Grade: D


Again, if not for the defense this would not have been a close game. The defense, unlike the offense, resembles a professional unit. Luke Kuechly appears to be getting comfortable in a leadership role, taking command of the defensive huddle and making the needed adjustments with authority. Even Greg Hardy listens up and looks to him for direction. That is an accomplishment.

Defensive Grade: B


You know me, I notice the small, seemingly insignificant things. But yesterday during the Rivera post game press conference, Rivera constantly fidgeted with his hands. Usually they are flat on the podium. The losing has him concerned, as it should. His job is in serious jeopardy. His only saving grace from being fired mid-season should the Panthers continue losing is that there is no one under him that could be considered for a head coaching job in this league.

The offense in particular has not bought into the scheme of Rivera and Chudzinski, and why would they? It is a scheme built on being soft from the ground up. The emphasis is on misdirection and gimmickry instead of hard nose smash mouth football. It is no shock that this offense fizzles when facing aggressive defenses who do play physical football. The secret is out on shutting down the Carolina offense, and after a full two weeks to regroup it appears there will be no adjustments made to the scheme. No adjustments will be made to the results either, expect more losses.

Coaching Grade: F

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