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Game Grades: Giants at Panthers

  • Teaser Paragraph:

The most disappointing home game in over a year. The good news? Things can't go much worse... I hope.

On with the grades.


All that really needs to be said here is that the Giants defensive line dominated the Panthers offensive line the entire game. All of the other problems stem from that fact. Cam Newton was pressured the entire evening, causing his footwork to suffer. When his footwork suffers, his accuracy follows suit. Newton completed a little over 50% of his passes. That won't get it done against many teams in the NFL.

In short, terrible offensive line play equals a terrible performance by the offense, every time.

Offensive Grade: F


Wide gaping holes in the middle of the field allowed Eli Manning to pick apart the Panthers seemingly at will. They did this early, they did this often. What is most troubling here is the lack of adjustments made to remedy the situation. Every team on the Panthers schedule now has a game tape on how to dismantle the Panthers defense. They better figure something out quickly.

Defensive Grade: F

Special Teams:

Joe Adams needs to learn to keep his eyes on the ball, not the guys running towards him. As promising as he may be once he is running, it does no good if he doesn't have the ball while doing so.

Special Teams Grade: F


For the second time this season the Panthers were unprepared, undisciplined, and unable to make adjustments. In other words, the coaching staff failed the team and the fans.

Coaching Grade: F

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