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Game Grades - Saints at Panthers

  • Teaser Paragraph:

This was one of the more electric games to witness in the past three seasons. Although the rain kept some of the seats empty, the crowd was electric. I do have one complaint regarding the crowd, more on that in the grades...


Scoring 35 points on any NFL defense is an accomplishment, even if it is against the inept Saints defense. All four members of the "Four Headed Monster" scored touchdowns. Cam Newton played like himself again, gashing the defense for not accounting for his ability to run. Brandon Lafell recovered from an early drop to really have what may be his breakout game.

Bottom line, the offense got it done.

Offensive Grade: A


Keeping the Saints to under 30 points is no easy task. Even without Sean Payton they are a very capable offense. Drew Brees was rattled often which was refreshing for Panthers fans to witness.

I love this kid Josh Norman. He was jawing Jimmy Graham the entire game, making sure he knew when Graham came up short. Graham is a cocky player in his own right, it was nice to see him get his mouth closed by a Panther rookie. Towards the end of the game Graham was silent after mouthing off the entire first half.

Jon Beason's deal sealing interception may be the spark that puts him into another pro bowl run. Big Beas is back.

Defensive Grade: A


Thats right, I am giving the fans in attendance a grade. For those of you many fans that were extremely loud while the Panthers offense was at the goal line trying to score... cut that out. Yes, it is exciting, but your end zone screaming while the Panthers are executing a goal line play hurts the team. The result? Cam's awful looking lateral and a turnover on downs.

Fan Grade: C , for Catch a Clue

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