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Getting Defensive - New York Giants Edition

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The Carolina Panthers defense faces a tough task on Sunday against Eli Manning and the Giants.

Here are a few things the Panthers can do to hold them at bay.

  • Cover the Middle - The NY Giants bread and butter in the passing game is the center of the field and ten to twenty yards deep. Eli Manning's passing rating here is 137 and accounts for over a third of their total passing yards. With the Carolina Panthers secondary depleted, this will be a tough task. Luke Kuechly will have his hands full dropping back in coverage,
  • Monstarz Inc must get pressure. The Panthers front four has been talking a lot, but aside from Star Lotulelei, have produced little. This week the Panthers need them to apply pressure to the quarterback in their base package. Eli Manning is great at a blitz pickup and is quick to find the open hot route. In fact, Eli's QB rating actually goes up when facing a blitz.
  • What about the run? The Giants have only attempted 33 rushing plays in two games where they have averaged 2.2 yards per carry. This is an abysmal stat for them. The Panthers must minimize the Giants passing attack and force them to run. The front seven of Carolina should have little problem containing the Giants rushing attack.
  • Be Patient - Eli Manning already has 7 interceptions this season. Even with a makeshift secondary, there will be opportunities for turnovers. The Panthers must intercept Manning in this game and give the Panthers offense plenty of opportunities to score.

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