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Carolina Panthers Kenjon Barner over Deangelo Williams

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I think Kenjon Barner will have better success for the Panthers under this bad offensive line than Williams. We saw it last night when Barner gained at least a yard or two on plays that Deangelo lost a few yards.

Why is this?

Deangelo is a wait and see runningback. He doesn't hit the line as fast as he can. He has good patience and tries to allow time for the blocks to develop holes. The problem is, the offensive line isn't developing any for him to run through. This results in what we have all seen, Deangelo running along the line looking for room and getting tackled for a loss of two.

Barner on the other hand doesn't have the experience to allow those blocks to develop. This is a negative that is actually a positive for us. He hits the first small opening fast and gets a couple of yards. This is actually a net 4 yards than if Williams was running the ball.

Is Barner a better runner at this point than Williams? nope

Is Barner a better option behind a god awful offensive line? Maybe so.

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