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Pete Caroll: "Watch Out For Cam Newton & Panthers!"

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Sounds like one NFC rival coach is very impressed:


Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has a new quarterback in Matt Flynn, the second-biggest free agent quarterback this offseason.

But Carroll spent part of his offseason – and about five minutes Wednesday morning on the final day of the NFL owners meetings – marveling at the play of Panthers quarterback Cam Newton during his record-breaking rookie season.

Carroll studied video of Newton over the winter to see how a quarterback with no experience in an NFL-style offense succeeded in a complex scheme to post the most prolific passing season ever by a rookie.

What Carroll discovered was Newton's success was the byproduct of “an extraordinarily rare athlete” playing in a varied scheme that played to his strengths. And as long as Newton stays healthy, Carroll predicts big things for him and the Panthers.

“Look out for those guys. Holy mackerel,” Carroll said at the NFC coaches breakfast. “If he can just stay out there, they're going to be a fantastic team.”

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