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Carolina Panthers Risers and Fallers - Ravens Edition

  • Teaser Paragraph:

After the third preseason game, Carolina Panthers fans are on a defensive high. While it is still only preseason, there are some good things, and horrible things, that could be observed Thursday night.

Rising: Luke Kuechly. I honestly did not think he could rise any more than he currently has, but apparently he has broken through the ceiling. He didn't have a good performance, he absolutely put on a clinic for the Ravens offense. They should be writing him a tuition check today.

Falling: Armond Smith. Want to know a sure fire way to get cut from a Ron Rivera team? Get yourself ejected for kicking a player. Nice knowing you Armond.

Rising: Ted Ginn Jr. His touchdown on a punt return was the spark that set off the entire defense on a rampage, according to Kuechly. Welcome to the team, Ted.

Falling: Every player on the Offensive Line. I can't recall a worse performance since... well... actually since 2012. Cam still has no time to set his feet. Still no room for running backs to run through. If this does not get fixed, fans will be getting beers and going to the restroom while the offense takes the field.

Rising: Richard Rogers. As special teams coordinator he has put together what looks like could be the best special teams unit in many seasons.

Falling: Mike Shula. Sula's offense was unprepared and undisciplined. Far too many penalties, an ejection, wide receiver drops, and all over chaos across the board on offense. Much of this goes to the individual player's performance, but some does fall on Shula. Discipline and preparedness happens on the practice field and film room. Get it fixed, Mike.

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