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Ron Rivera Will Take More Active Defensive Role

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With all the recent draft and undrafted free agent talk I feel some focus needs to be brought back to the coaching staff, mainly Ron Rivera who recently said...

Now that I've gone through the first season and understand what's expected of me, I think I can help a little bit more on the defensive side. One thing you learn and adjust to is really what's needed or what's called upon for a head coach to do in terms of his duties. That was a little bit different for me, obviously, and I can be involved more with that side of the ball.

We all tend to forget that last season Rivera was a rookie as well. Adjusting to a new job with new responsibilities can be daunting for anyone. Surely there is as big a learning curve for a first time NFL head coach as there is for any player coming into the NFL. Players, Coaches, Media, Politics, all being juggled at the same time all the while trying to keep your team focused.

Making the transition exponentially more difficult was being thrown into coaching 70+ players in training camp without the luxury of off season workouts to learn their personalities and begin developing a chemistry.

Coaching a team without knowing the character of that team. Not good.

Now that Rivera has a better feel for the job and understands what can be delegated and to whom, we should see a big improvement on the coaching of defensive side of the ball.

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