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Along the Sidelines - Miami Edition

Nov 24 2013 05:26 PM Zod Carolina Panthers
Some fans may call these wins frustrating and gut wrenching. I see it as transforming the Panthers into a battle tested group. This is something that is a must have if you plan on winning in the playoffs.

My day started at the Clevelander Hotel on South Beach with some great Panthers fans, let by our very own RoaringRiot. I'd like to give a big thank you to Zack for his hospitality.

Posted Image

Cam started the day in his usual fashion...ie like a playfull 12 year old. This guy loves the game.
Posted Image

Also, I would like you all to just think for a minute about how lucky we are to have Graham Gano. Easily the best kicker we have had in many season.
Posted Image

The day started off well enough, with pressure being applied to Ryan Tannehill regularly.

Posted Image

But unfortunately the Panthers offense, despite the efforts of Deangelo Williams, forgot to play for most of the first half.
Posted Image

In the second half, the Panthers needed a spark. Cam Newton rose to the occasion and began to take over the game.
Posted Image

Which ended in a great touchdown run, and one of my favorite shots of him that I have ever taken...
Posted Image

It was time for the Panthers defense to follow Cam's lead. Thomas Davis was solid in coverage, forcing a key drop.
Posted Image

The Panthers defense began to physically harass Tannehill to give the offense one last chance to win the game.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Sometimes it seemed the Panthers defense was just holding on by a glove...
Posted Image

Greg Hardy did his job in stopping the run and was key in this victory.
Posted Image

Luke Kuechly orchestrated another stop and seemed both exhausted and satisfied.
Posted Image

It was then time for the offense to once again win the game on a late 4th quarter drive. Who did they put at the lead of the charge? None other than Mike "Tugboat" Tolbert who rumbled his way to the goal line.
Posted Image

To be fair to #28, I'd close my eyes if that was the view as well.

After a Cam Newton touchdown to Greg Olsen, it was up to the Special Teams to prevent a long return, and you can credit Brandon Williams with the tackle. Many of us have high hope for Williams. If he can start to contribute on special teams, it may lead to bigger and better things.
Posted Image

Overall it was a great game Panthers fans should be completely proud of. Any road win in the NFL is big.

Coming Tomorrow: Cheerleader Victory Pics.

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Awesome pics Zod. The game action shots are killer.

Great as always.


Thankz Zod

Weekly pie for you again my Zod, weekly pie again.

Love the shot of Brandon Williams. I am glad he contributed I was wondering did he even get on the field and your photo confirmed that he did.

Great work as usual. Can't wait for the cheerleaders!

Also, that shot of Cam is very very nice.
Thanks for making the trip. You must now go on all road games! Have fun in N.O.


Great stuff right here.  No other covers the Panthers as well as Zod.

This is, BY FAR, the best football forum in the NFL!!

came here excited for Miami cheerleader pics, but then had to pull my hand back out of my pants.
Always a treat when Zod comes by your tailgate to hang out... Especially on a road game. The Roaring Riot represent well in Miami and despite all of the weak attempts by Fins "fans" to knock us off our game, we never doubted and cheered "Let's go Panthers" the entire way out of the stadium.

Those picture match exactly how the game was played hard fought. I'm glad we pulled out the win.

Love it, go Panthers.

This is an epic win streak for any team in the history of the NFL.

Let us be thankful.

i love that you got shots of hardy's domination in the run game. it seemed like he was blowing up every play before it began for all four quarters.

Nov 24 2013 07:21 PM

Where the hell are the Dolphins Cheerleaders pix like how you promised??????????????????????????????????????????

great shots.  Can't even tell by looking at them how much liquor and cocaine were still in your system.

Where the hell are the Dolphins Cheerleaders pix like how you promised??????????????????????????????????????????

Why u no read

Sent from the Carolina Huddle App

hate i had to cancel my trip down there(it was worthwhile) but glad you guys rocked down there.

Nov 24 2013 09:00 PM

what kind of camera setup do you use? Do you do a lot post processing? with photoshop?

Brandon Williams is a beast

I love the Picture of Hardy. Very Kraken like.

Always great!! Exspecially after another WIN!!

Pics reminded me that the defense folded Tannehill in half both forward and back.

Great Pics.. as always..  

Awesome pictures Zod!