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Along the Sidelines - Rams Edition

Oct 20 2013 06:48 PM Zod Carolina Panthers
The day started like any other gameday, about an hour before kickoff the players made their way to the field.

Cam did his usual airplane impression he does during every warmup.

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I noticed Rivera talking to Tolbert also, joking around with him a bit. A sign of things to come this afternoon?
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It seems Hardy is contemplating an Ocho Cinco type of name change....

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I must admit Tolbert's safety had me more than a little concerned at the start of the game. Still, for a big guy, he has the most nimble feet on the team.
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Deangelo looked good at times but ended up with less than 3 yards per carry, a season low for him.

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Speaking of running, Cam Newton has a few different ways he runs.

Sometimes, he runs in a way that makes me worry he might fumble the ball. I guess with hands as large as his though, he can get away with it...
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Other times he is just happy when he runs. He cannot help but smile knowing he is the most talented guy on the field.
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Lastly, he sometimes looks like a pure athlete. His form and technique could be taken out of a track and field textbook.
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I think its safe to say Cam frustrated the Rams for most of the game.

The defense did a good job in keeping pressure on Bradford when it counted.

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The Rams were so frustrated in fact they lost their nerve and started throwing their fists. Chris Long was ejected much to the delight of the Panthers...
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After this altercation it was obvious these teams did not like eachother.

Star decided to help out by making sure the Rams chin straps were secured properly. Nice of him.
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Steve Smith took out his aggression another way. He decided to completely dismantle the Rams defensive backfield.
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With the game out of reach for the Rams, it was up to Tolbert to put the nail in the coffin. I don't think I have ever seen a player run as angry as he did. It seemed he was just looking for players to punish.
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Overall, it was a great day to be a Panthers fan.

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:: before

That description and picture of Star has me dying LMAO

love the shot of Cam jumping for joy with Long getting tossed!

True !!

Star is stealing tackles for Keek. How selfish

I like stories with pictures...and happy endings.

Great day indeed. Bucs week starts tomorrow.

Short week...hopefully this intensity will carry over. Love the new attitude.

Star is friggin huge.

Great work as usual Zod.  Love the captions.

god i love chris longs face in that shot

Zod can you confirm this is you behind Long holding the camera

Thanks Zod, great pics and commentary. A+ my friend.

Great pictures. Great win. LP and I will be together someday, my magic eight ball says so.

LOL at the Long pic. 

Football Night in America never even mentioned our game.

LOL @ Bradford in the first pic. Does he ever not look like a doofus throwing the ball?

Impressive work as usual Zod.




Cam must really love football! To do that airplane thing every game and actually smile during a run play, dang! I'm impressed.

Football Night in America never even mentioned our game.


I thought I just was out of the room at the time... but I thought the same thing.

Great work Zod! as always!!

Great pics !  Fun day at BoA...  The Rams are a bunch of undisciplined chumps !  The Refs could have thrown flags for personal fouls about three or four more times than they did !  Jeff Fisher is a little bitch !

My favorite photo is the one of Long's ejection and the pure delight on the faces of the Panthers offense...especially Cam's glee and twinkly toes leap.  Long was being a d-bag and got payment.  Of course the Panthers fans didn't need to throw trash at him as it is clear he was butt hurt enough for the ejection!!!

I stopped watching Football Night for recaps last year and switched to SportsCenter.  SportsCenter didn't mention our game either.

great photos, are they published?

Good stuff

took me 5 hours.

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