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Better Know a Prospect - Jawuan James

Mar 12 2014 07:29 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Jawuan James - OT - Tennessee

With the Panthers in dire need of two new tackles, I believe they may be taking a long look at Jawuan James to compete immediately for the starting right tackle position.

James fits the mold of a David Gettleman lineman 6'6" and 311 pounds. His frame could easily put on another 10 pounds by September. At Tennessee, James showed NFL caliber strength and speed as well as technique. James has the ability to head down field in search of second level defenders on run plays and scrambles.

Set a UT record for 49 games started by an offensive lineman, all at right tackle. His durability is unquestioned. His extensive experience at RT makes him a possible game 1 starter.

James is currently projected in rounds 3 or 4, which makes him a prime target for the Panthers late 3rd round pick.


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I would be happy with JJ in the 3rd round.  I suspect he will go before our pick though. 

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i mean bell is left handed, he deserves a shot at LT.  i would be ok with this pickup for the right side.

I think we will have to reach for him with our second rounder.

^ Reach in the 2nd round? He was listed as a top 50 overall prospect by NFLN post draft. The reach would be in the first, although as a Vol I've said many times I would rather have him than Tiny Richardson.

Jawaun James would be a fantastic 2nd round pick if he's even on the board, but I simply can't wrap my brain around counting on rookies so heavily when the rest of the line is so mind-numbingly weak right now, and when even the best of rookies struggle out of the gate.

I am interested in James and Hurst.  Hurst got hurt in the bowl game (broken leg) and I think he is flying under the radar.

I am interested in James and Hurst.  Hurst got hurt in the bowl game (broken leg) and I think he is flying under the radar.

Hurst started all for years at Carolina.  He should be a top 4 round pick, hes solid.  

James had a great combine, looked very agile.


Think he could handle the LT position in a year or two

He will be rock solid. I have no doubt. May have to reach in 2 to get him. Will probably be worth it in the end

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Looks solid.  If he's RT who is LT?

^If NFLN listed him as a top 50 prospect and he could be a legit day 1 starter and MAY be able to move to LT after a year or two, why is it a reach in the 2nd? Sounds like a steal to me.

PS-considering he was a RT at UT, I'd be content with that. Another Georgia boy to boot to piss off the stinky birds.

I of course know he is a rookie. But I agree that the team will benefit for all of the mentioned reasons, but I want to introduce a benefit that has not been discussed. Watching the video, this guy kinda puts you in the mindset of a Jordan Gross type guy. Gross did not miss many games, also came in as a day  starter. I am also looking at the athleticism that the guy has. The main things being was the video mentioning that when he spoke you listened, and his "goof-ball" way of acting will fit right in with the O-Line we have now.

Either he or Hurst would be great in Rounds 3/4

Hurst didn't have any acl or ligament damage, just a broken leg.  While he may be flying under the radar with the mockers,

I really don't think he'll be there in the late 4th

Hurst should be on our radar in the mid rounds anyway.  A freak break of his leg or he would be a first rounder.  If there he needs to be a panther.

James will be a solid RT in the NFL. Can't cut it at LT. Also, I hope we take a look at Zach Fulton, another Tennessee lineman. Guard who's a mauler and will be a solid NFL starter. Late round pick should be able to snag him.