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Cam Newton vs Tom Brady

Nov 15 2013 04:56 PM panther4life Carolina Panthers
By the numbers


Passing Attempts 340
Completions 194
Completion percentage 57.1%.
Passing Yards 2256
Passing TD'S 13
Interceptions 6
Sacks 26
QB Rating 82.7


Passing Attempts 271
Completions 170
Completion percentage 62.7%
Passing Yards 1970
Passing TD'S 13
Interceptions 8
Sacks 25
QB Rating 88.3

So just in terms of passing Cam leads in Passing yards per attempt ,Completion %, and is averaging a TD pass every 20.8 attempts, where as its taking Brady 26.1 attempts per TD pass. Brady has only done a better job at protecting the ball with 2 less Interceptions.

Then when looking at accuracy % when under pressure (a PFF signature stat that discards WR drops) Cam is ranked 3rd out 31 QB's(50% of snaps played qualifier) at 71.4% and Brady is ranked 27th 56.5% accuracy percentage when under pressure.

One PFF signature stat I was surprised to see is Brady has a 43.2% accuracy percentage vs Cam's career low of 27.2%. (Remember this does not hold drops against the QB).

I have not really been able to watch as many non panther games as years past nor have I kept up with the stats like I normally do so I was surprised to see Cam outplaying Brady as a passer this year (granted he hasn't had the arsenal he's used to in years past).

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