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David Gettleman Cleaning House

Oct 09 2013 06:02 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
The sudden release of Armanti Edwards has Panthers fans scratching their heads. Not because they feel Armanti deserved a roster spot, mind you, but because of the timing. Armanti was released on a Tuesday after a game he was barely involved in and made no noticeable mistakes. On a list of players who were at fault for the loss to the Cardinals, Armanti would be near the bottom. Commence head scratching.

It is becoming clearer now that 2013 is a year for David Gettleman to clean house. Unproductive, often injured, or otherwise irrelevant players.... watch your back.

Jimmy Clausen, Jon Beason, Armanti Edwards, David Gettis. All players that have been Panthers mainstays for years, but have contributed little on the field. Marty Hurney would have held on to these players out of sentiment and the promise of one day contributing.

Apparently, David Gettleman is not the sentimental type.

The Armanti Edwards release was a shot across the bow of the Panthers roster. Improve, produce, or get gone... no matter how well you are liked personally. Panthers players have become relaxed in their position on the team. If I were you I would not be laughing on the sidelines during a loss, or you could be next.

Don't think for a moment that the coaching staff has not noticed as well. If Gettleman can release a panthers mainstay player with the flick of a pen, then he can do the same with a coach. After all, it is the coaches who have failed to develop their players into aggressive performers with a winning mentality.

What seems harsh to some is actually the mind set of winning franchises. I guess that's why we are not accustomed to it.

A cleaner, meaner Carolina Panthers franchise is in our future.

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