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Game Grades - Panthers at Saints

Dec 08 2013 11:53 PM Zod Carolina Panthers
In what could have been a glorious day for the Panthers organization, instead they are left desperately looking for anything that went right.

On with the grades...


From the gameplan to the execution, it all was severely lacking. Cam could not find open receivers. Brandon Lafell made key mistakes in receiving and blocking. Byron Bell was beaten badly on too many occasions to count.

Overall, a very poor performance. Lets hope they all got it out of their system.

Offensive Grade: D-


Allowing over 30 points is never good. Pressure was never really put on Brees until it was too late. It seemed the Panthers gameplan was to drop back in a zone and dare Brees to beat you with his arm. An odd strategy to say the least. The result? One of the worst defensive performances in recent memory.

Defensive Grade: D-

Special Teams

Not much impact in this game. The missed field goal was bad, but really were the Panthers going to win this game with field goals? Heck no. Riverboat.... Come back!

Special Teams Grade: D


This game had no chance of being won before the Panthers even set foot on the field. Looking at what the Panthers tried to do and the inability to adjust and create some positive plays was too much for any player talent to overcome. The Panthers were badly out coached by the Saints.

That is really all you need to know.

Coaching Grade: F

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