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Official Panthers - 49ers Playoff Gameday Thread

Jan 12 2014 06:13 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
The day has arrived!

Today the Carolina Panthers host the San Francisco 49ers in their first playoff game since the 2008 season. They face a tough San Francisco team, the winner moves on to Seattle.

When: 1:00


Radio: 1110WBT

Twitter: Follow @CarolinaHuddle for tweets from the sidelines starting at noon.

Keys to a Panthers Victory:

- Brandon Lafell must show up. We will need a tall possession receiver today against the physical San Fran defense.
- Contain Kaepernick in the pocket. His legs are more dangerous in keeping plays alive than his mediocre passing ability.
- Defensive points. If the defense can score or at least give the Panthers the ball inside the ten, we win.


Niners - 13
Panthers - 24

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:: before

Dont forget teddy ginn, he WILL return one for a score. then spike the ball in front of Jimothy Harbaugh

And so it begins. GAMEDAY!!!!!! KEEP POUNDING!!!!!!!!

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Good lord its been forever since I have typed Playoff in a gameday thread title. :)

End the wait we've had since 2005.

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Little over 6 hours till game time!! Can't wait, been a loooonnngggg week....
Jan 12 2014 06:46 AM
I'm out chea' nervous and shaking like I'm going to be on the field.
I'm about to head to the tailgate spot. If you're lucky enough to have tickets - be loud and represent for the ones who won't be there!

Raaahhhh rah rah rahhhhhhhhhhhh (panthers growl)
Wish I could of made it down. Ill be decked out in my panthers gear screamin so loud youll hear my slightly from NY.

In on this thread motherfugers.

I smell a superbowl in our horizon.
Panthers are going to win, 23-20, Panthers

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once again, ill be asleep when the team plays. damn. 






Go Panthers! Bring the pain! 

I think I was up almost every hour last night. Finally gave up at 5:30 am.

Lets freaking go!!!!
Offense is stagnant but defense shows why it's averaging 12 points at home. Late Ginn punt return TD lets us pull away in the 4th. Defense holds. 22 - 17 Cardiac Cats.
Had a terrible night of sleep in anticipation of this game. Go Panthers Keep Pounding
Eat poo and die Kapernick

Hot damn, it's finally here.  Cam Newton is in the playoffs!  I've always thought that he would be a beast in the playoffs.  

Carolina blue sky overhead.  Cool crisp afternoon in the Queen City.


Enjoy this Panther fans!  Kalil got it right...he was just a year early!


Go Panthers!

Good morning my fellow Huddlers.  We bitch and moan all year long, the highs and lows, the draft, the long off-season, the training camp threads, the jokes, the e-fights, the trolls, the newbs, everything.  It's all about right now.  We've waited and now it's here.  Playoffs!


This is why we love this place and love this team.  You're all my extended family and I love each of you (no homo).


Let's get this and rejoice all night long - KEEP POUNDING M-F'ERS!!



I became a true Panthers fan during the Clausen years so I feel today is payback for my faith!

Lets Go Panthers !!!!!!!!

I am nervous as fug but GOO PANTHERS

Cam WILL ball out today. He always does in big games!

Its been so long.

Heres to raining on their fabulous parade.

"  mount up men,,  ride to the sound of the cannon fire,,  there's a battle to be fought "


" Tulta munille!" (Fire at their balls!)  "


"San Francisco delenda est!" (  San Francisco must be destroyed!)  



"You don't know the power of the DARK SIDE "  (  Panthers wear BLACK,  '9ers will rue the day they came east to  C A R O L I N A )