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On the Chris Long Ejection

Oct 21 2013 06:32 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
It is all over the media. Chris Long had bottles thrown at him as he walked out of Bank of America stadium. Even Terry Bradshaw has called Panthers fans stupid for the incident.

The real story is not so clear cut.

You see, I am the guy that is seen walking behind Long as he was ejected. I took great note of what was happening, after all, its not every game that a player is ejected and forced to do the walk of shame across the home crowd.

My best description of Chris Long's demeanor was that he thought he was a pro wrestler. With his helmet off, he cursed the fans with expletives while making direct eye contact with them.

The first bottle thrown at him landed just a few feet from me. It was an empty aluminum beer bottle. The second bottle thrown near the tunnel was a water bottle,

I spoke with two police officers who were investigating the incident and trying to identify the first bottle throwing offender. Apparently he would be ejected from the game.

Chris Long then took to Twitter to complain about bottlegate...

Chris Long ‏@JOEL9ONE 13h
Thanks Carolina fans 4 the flipped birds+few bottles to the head. Sticks n stones may break my bones but aluminum zimas will never hurt me.

Pretty funny actually.

While the throwing of the bottles should not have happened, Long deserves some of the blame that it did. You cannot expect to walk three feet from a large group of fired up football fans and shout expletives to them without any repercussion.

To avoid the entire situation next time, Chris, keep your helmet on and your mouth closed. I suspect there would be a better result.

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