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Playoff Ticket Poetry Contest

Jan 09 2014 04:29 PM Zod Carolina Panthers
Always be a poet, even in prose.
- Charles Baudelaire

Welcome, Huddle Lords and Scholars of Literature, to the Pure Poetry ticket contest.

In this thread you will surely read some of the most thought provoking work you have ever set eyes upon.

Here is where the Huddle faithful will submit their words... nay,.. their very being. They will pour open their soul and what shall spill from it will surely be nourishment for the huddled masses.

The Challenge I set forth is this: Inspire us with your Poetry. Make us feel what we have never felt. Make us erect in delight and pleasure as you tickle our senses and ignite our passions.

Compose for us the most amazing Panthers Poem.

There are no literary rules, as such great works cannot be constrained by them. There are, however, a few structural rules for the contest.

- Poems must be posted in this thread
- Poems must have a Panthers theme
- Normal black type only please, impress us with content.. not characters.
- Deadline is Friday at 3pm.

Poems will be judged on originality, creativity, and overall spirit.

Poems with the most PIE awarded by fellow Huddlers will be given consideration for the prize, which is 2 tickets to the playoff game Sunday.

Ultimately, I decide the winner. You can pick up your tickets at the Huddle Tailgate.

Good luck. I look forward to being inspired.

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