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Thanks, Steve

Mar 11 2014 01:15 AM Mr. Scot Carolina Panthers
For over a decade, no one's been more exciting to watch than you.

I saw your first ever play as a pro, a kick return for a touchdown that came after a Minnesota Viking player talked trash to you. He wasn't the last guy to make that mistake either. I've seen that scene play out many times, pretty much always with the same results.

The memory of you running, arms outstretched, into the Saint Louis end zone to take us to the NFC Championship is an image I doubt will ever leave my head. That is, to this day,still the best football game I ever watched.

My best memory though? The day you signed an autograph for a sick little boy that coached in flag football. He's since gotten a kidney transplant and is doing fine (and he's a great receiver too).

Football can be a cruel game, but even the saddest moments can't take away from the memories we gain along the way.

So to sum it all up...

Thank you, Steve.

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:: before

I'm  tearing up. I cant help it.  This sucks.

please god let this be premature

Best player we've ever had. We'll miss you, Agent 89.

please god let this be premature

I'd be fine if it were.

I seriously doubt that it is :(
It's officially the end of an era.

IMO Steve Smiths Best Play Ever.






It is an end of an era.

Thank you for one heck of a ride, Steve.

01 Vikings return for a TD

Insane TD against the Texans

05 Giants game

05 Bears playoff game

The whole 05 season for that matter

X Clown

Superbowl 38 TD reception

77 yarder in Cam's first professional game

2011 Panthers-Saints game at BOA


So many great memories. It's been a true pleasure, my friend.


The greatest Panther ever. 

Love ya Smitty, my favorite player ever. Rules and Regulations till I die.
Mar 11 2014 01:39 AM

It may be lame to some, but I'm with Philly...  I'm hoping and praying this is all conjecture.  I almost want to cry.


As a guy that had to beat almost every odd imaginable to reach even a tenth of the athletic success in sports that Steve did, I felt like he was doing it for me and underdogs everywhere.  Undersized, angry, fiery, having to scrap and scrape for everything he got...  That's pretty much been my life as well.  I knew one day his career would be over - but, I never imagined that it would be in another team's jersey.  I really, really hope it isn't true.


One thing that sticks out in my mind was a game against the Giants in 2009. We were blowing them out, and Smith took a huge blow from a Giant DB, snapping a bone in his arm, and he still managed to score with one arm. After the game John Fox said something about how Smith had used his arm to shield himself from a helmet blow, and that the helmet won. I remember thinking at the time "no Fox, Smith won". He always won. Steve Smith is the greatest Panther player in the history of our franchise. Thanks for the memories Steve, it won't be the same without you.

By the time I wake up later today I'm expecting a lot of moves to have already been made, if Steve is among them I will regretfully say good bye to the Greatest Panther of all time, no doubt to this point in the Panthers History he is truely the greatest player we have ever had.

Yeh, this one is a tough one. Disgusted at how it was done. I wish him well tho, whatever he decides to do.

.....  the memories of this year alone.....  





Thank you Smitty. You will go down as the greatest player in franchise history, but also the most human player in franchise history. We saw you grow, struggle, succeed and change while we all did the same. I'm sorry the end was ugly, but, in this business, the end is rarely just.
Xclown, '05, Cam's first completion, and .... ICE UP!

Thanks Steve, plus, thanks for the autograph in '05. You'll be deeply missed.
So many memories. Sad day for the Panthers as a whole. I know it's a business and it's probably time to go our separate ways but wow the thought of him never being on the Panthers sidelines ever again is a sad thought. Thank you Smitty.

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My heart is literally breaking. I'm usually so good with words, but they escape me now. This hurt feels like it could never heal. He's like a family member, a best friend, someone you've pinned your hopes to for so long that's leaving. He made watching every Sunday fun, even when there wasn't much else to cheer for (thanks Jimmy).

His plays were nothing short of epically amazing. His heart and fire made me jump and scream around my living room or in the stands, so thankful the 89 was on my team. His attitude and sound bites were legendary. He was invincible.

I will miss you, Smitty. I hope you find the ending that you so deserve and I will root for you to get it.
Thanks for giving your all on every snap for 13 years. I'm gonna go cry now.

Going to miss you Smitty! Best player in franchise history! 

heartbreaking.... this can't be happening.


thanks for playing your heart out steve. hope to see you in canton.