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Mini Camp Update

Jun 17 2014 12:51 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers opened up their annual mini-camp in the blistering heat. That heat, however, did not keep them from participating in one of the most impressive mini-camps I have seen. It felt less like a June mini-camp and more like an early Augu...

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Nate Chandler Future Left Tackle?

Jun 06 2014 07:15 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Byron Bell says that he will be the starting left tackle this season for the Panthers. Nate Chandler says not so fast. "Let the cards fall where they may" Chandler said after practice. "Right now I'm playing both tackles, Byron is playing both tackle...

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Carolina Panthers Kony Ealy Earning Praise

Jun 05 2014 04:43 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

After practice on Wednesday afternoon Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera took the time to talk about second round draft pick Kony Ealy. "Kony is an exciting young man, he has got something to him" said Rivera. "I'm excited to see him in pads once we get d...

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Receivers Wide Open

Jun 05 2014 04:51 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Every off season we find that some of the positions on the field are set in stone. We know the starting defensive line. We know the running back lineup. We know which linebackers we will see with the starting unit. When it comes to receivers, however...

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OTA Update

Jun 04 2014 03:16 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Today's heat provided a good preview of Spartanburg and a reminder of how grueling practices can be. Chris Scott left early, presumably from the heat, after being limited to conditioning drills for the day. He was the only casualty. Deangelo Williams...

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Talking Punt Returners

May 29 2014 07:05 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

The Panthers need to fill a huge hole left by Ted Ginn in the punt return game. Ginn was the first legitimate threat the Panthers had had in many seasons, replacing him won't be easy. Yesterday at OTA's the order of punt returners went as follows: An...

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OTA Observations

May 28 2014 01:48 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

The 2014 OTA's kicked off with an unlikely cut up, none other than Luke Kuechly who switched jersey's with Chase Blackburn to throw the local media a curveball. Cam Newton was escorted out of the tunnels on a cart, which at first caused me concern....

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Rookie Camp Notes

May 17 2014 02:32 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Another rookie camp has come and gone. Ron Rivera this may have been the most talent he has seen from a young group. If so, the Panthers could get some much needed help immediately from key positions. It was obvious from watching the offensive line d...

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Corey "Philly" Brown a name to watch

May 15 2014 04:01 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

With the Carolina Panthers 2014 Rookie Camp coming up tomorrow, you may want to keep an eye on one name in particular. Of all of the undrafted free agents signed with the Panthers, wide receiver Philly Brown may have the best chance to catch on with t...

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Hardy 911 call

May 14 2014 04:15 PM | Zod in Carolina Panthers

The Hardy 911 call is out and the link is on TMZ.... http://www.tmz.com/2...k-shes-on-coke/ According to Hardy, his girlfriend was allegedly on drugs while not in control of herself. Hardy himself called 911 for a police officer to escort her out...

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