You love the Kraken, I love the Kraken. We pay to watch him perform on Sundays. But Greg Hardy has needed to learn to separate his professional life from his personal life for quite some time now. A bit of maturity is needed, and quickly.

That is usually how it goes for 25 year old men. Throw in plenty of money and fame and often times you have a bigger problem.

Over the years with the Panthers there have been signs of trouble. Namely tweeting pictures of dozens of shot glasses, his Bentley speedometer going over 100mph, a driving record with plenty of speeding tickets and a motorcycle accident to name a few. A problem that began in college causing him to plummet in the NFL draft has bled into the NFL

Hardy can add a domestic abuse charge to his record, and that is no laughing matter.

A lack of maturity has now cost him millions, and could cost him much more. It threatens the long term contract he has worked towards. Personal problems will now fall into the risk category when weighing Hardy's benefit. Even if found completely innocent, the domestic violence charge will follow him around the NFL.

We don't yet know what happened yesterday morning. He very well may not be entirely at fault. However, he is 100% responsible for the position he has put himself in. The people he chooses to surround himself with also fall into the "needs maturation" category.

These are all red flags leading up to something more substantial. All signs point to more serious problems on the horizon. The NFL is littered with these stories, and Hardy could just be the next sad character and punch line.

Unless Hardy can get it turned around, and I mean right now.

A full night in a jail cell could be the wake up call Greg has needed for quite some time. Forced to stay the night as a cooling off period, he hopefully used the time wisely and went through accelerated maturation.

We all love the Kraken on the field. Lets hope Greg Hardy can learn to leave him there.