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Amini Silatolu a Carolina Panther

Apr 28 2012 07:23 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Casual Carolina Panthers fans are waking up this morning and yet again having a hard time pronouncing the name of the newest Carolina Panther. Amini Silatolu? Chances are you have not heard that name on sports center.

Last season, if you are being honest, the Panthers offensive line was not one of the strengths of the Panthers. Their talented running backs helped to hide this fact by masking sub par offensive line blocking with positive runs. Since then the Panthers have lost their most talented guard in Tavelle Wharton, leaving the line even less likely to open up gaping holes for Deangelo Williams to sprint through.

With their second round selection the Panthers addressed the loss of Travelle Wharton by replacing him with who some consider to have first round talent - Amini Silatolu. Don Banks of Sports Illustrated had San Fran taking Amini with the 30th pick of the first round.

Silatolu has an important trait that some could say the Panthers Offensive Line could use an injection of... nastiness. Amini caught the eyes of the Panthers front office with his ability to finish off defenders. Granted, these defenders were from smaller schools, but at six foot three and three hundred and eleven pounds, the Panthers are confident his transition to the pro game will be a smooth one.

While at Midwestern State, Amini was remarkable. At left tackkle, he had an overall blocking grade of 94.7 percent, the only offensive lineman in the draft with over 90 percent for his college career. He also posted 97 knockdowns.

“The one thing that stands out is his nasty temperament. When you’re playing at a certain level like that you should dominate — and he did dominate the competition. So you feel like going to the next level he’s going to be very, very competitive.” - Ron Rivera

“When you put on the tape of him he puts a lot of people on the ground. You see the athleticism and the physical play.” - Marty Hurney

It isn't a flashy pick. Offensive Guard is not a pick that will stir up the fan base. However, you can bet your sweet ass Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart toasted this pick Friday evening.

Here is to hoping Amini has plenty of ire in his belly for the 2012 season. Maybe now the Panthers will actually run the ball on 3rd and 1.



:: before

7 false starts and 3 holding penalties over the last 3 years.

In the last four seasons here are the stats for Clady, Long and Gross

Clady - 16 penalties, 25 sacks allowed.
Long - 20 penalties, 19 sacks allowed
Gross - 18 penalties, 19 sacks allowed

That is an improvement over the prior years where he had seasons of 9 and 7. Good for him and his improvement. Thanks

That is an improvement over the prior years where he had seasons of 9 and 7. Good for him and his improvement. Thanks

Hahahaha you totally ended up changing your username! What a low self esteem you must have LOL.

Hahahaha you totally ended up changing your username! What a low self esteem you must have LOL.

Very low self esteem. Wish I was as cool as you.
Dude will be fine. I'm sure he will have his wtf moments, but from the photos I saw of him this weekend, he is thick as a damn oak tree. If the light comes on he has the build to be a Hutchinson type guard.
Damn, people. Everyone's opinion matters. That is what the board is for and why I read this stuff. I agree with about 25% of what I read here, but it is interesting to hear what others are saying. This is not about being right, something many on here miss. We are fans, not experts, but fans have opinions and ideas too. I pity the fool who comes on here to mock other's opinions and to promote his own brand of ignorance. I played football in high school, college, and coached it. When it comes to the NFL, I can only guess. And nobody on this board is wiser or dumber than I am. We have hunches, not intelligence. Become one with the difference.

That is an improvement over the prior years where he had seasons of 9 and 7. Good for him and his improvement. Thanks

NP, He gets a bad wrap from Carolina Fans for some reason. He's one of the best LT in the NFL, easily. I'd say top 5.

To go further on those stats here are Brown and Peters stats the last four years compared to Gross.

Peters - 24 Penalties, 22 sacks
Brown - 20 Penalties, 18 sacks
Gross - 18 penalties, 19 sacks

As for Silatolu, being between a top 5 LT and a top 3 C will definitely help and ease the process to the NFL.

Ah, reading the thread?

I meant the impression that we were supposed to be smart around here.

Never said mine mattered either, and yes I do know something about football, do I know everything? of course not( probably more than you though).Your trying to put words in my mouth, I never said i'm an NFL scout or i'm trying to act like one, I just don't get why you are attacking me for having my own opinion? GET A LIFE. I said our d-tackle position is a weakness, if you watched any of our games last you would understand where i'm coming from.

I watched a team limp around on defense that had third and fourth string players starting at LB in place of pro bowl regulars.

You also act like a rookie DT would be a savior, it is among the hardest NFL postions to acclimate to, as last year proved.

I am not attacking you for having an opinion, I am criticizing an irrational opinion if you couldn't see the need for a monster OG your blind, Did you really wanted Mike Pollack starting?
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