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Behind Enemy Lines - Minnesota Vikings

Oct 11 2013 07:17 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
The Carolina Panthers face the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday in a last ditch effort to get the team back on track. If they win, they will have a winning record within the reach of two relatively easy games left in October. If they lose, they will be 1-4 and looking forward to the draft.

Here are a few notable story lines from the Minnesota press...


According to the Star Tribune, the Vikings QB situation is a mess...

Christian Ponder said he has been medically cleared to play Sunday and that the Vikings coaching staff has informed him and the other quarterbacks who will start against Carolina.

Ponder deferred to coach Leslie Frazier to reveal that information, but it wasn’t difficult to discern that Matt Cassel will make his second start in a row with Ponder serving as his backup.

Throw the newly acquired Josh Freeman in the mix and you get a Minnesota Offense without a true starting QB and no offensive passing identity. It looks like Cassell will be starting on Sunday, with Freeman waiting in the wings.


According to ESPN, the vikings kicker could be slightly injured...

He was doing some kickoffs, and just felt a little bit of a twinge, so we just shut him down," Frazier said. "I think he'll be fine, based on what Eric Sugarman, our trainer, said. We just want to be smart.

With as close as the Panthers play most teams, any news about the opponents kicker is notable. This game could very easily come down to a missed field goal.


ESPN also says ...

Cornerback Josh Robinson, who has become a favorite target for both fans and opposing quarterbacks in the first four games of the season, will continue to start in the Vikings' base defense, Frazier said. Robinson has been targeted a league-high 38 times, according to Pro Football Focus, and the 35 receptions he's allowed are also the most in the league.

This is great news for Cam Newton who could use a confidence boost on Sunday after a poor performance against the Cardinals. This is also good news for the Panthers receivers, who need a game to vindicate their awful play last Sunday as well.

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:: before

So the already horrible Vikings have major issues and to lose to them would be more than damning.  Thanks for backing us into a corner.


Joking, we are getting used to the corner, familiarity, you know?

I surely hope this is a turnaround game for us.  As long as we don't try a reverse on a kickoff return and fumble it like we did before in Minnesota or let the noise rattle us, this could be a victory.  I like our defensive line and our linebacker play that we currently have going up against Peterson versus the past couple of times we faced them.

Jarred Allen is going to have a career day on Sunday

Jarred Allen is going to have a career day on Sunday

Holy poop that's right. He has to be licking his chops at the prospects of going up against Byron "Ring the dinner" Bell.

Jarred Allen is going to have a career day on Sunday



I forgot all about Allen lol. The imagine of him doing his little arm celebration just popped in my head lol. That being said, I think we win big. Thus continue with our Dr Heckle and Mr Hyde persona.

Keeping Allen in check could be the difference between a win & a loss
I have no faith in this staff to control Allen. We will prob just run clear out routes and right iso all game.

allen is going to be on bell?



I see pillaging I'm the future

i thought he was gonna be on Gross?


I remember reading about Matt Kalil saying he goes up against Allen in practice. He is a LT

If I was the opposing team I'd always put my best up against Bell...why wouldn't you? It's almost garaunteed success.

If AP makes it back from that horrible situation he's dealing with - he'll be lookin for a career day too. We seem to get teams that have a recent emotional event happen before our games.

A Vikings fan posted a quick scouting the Vikings sort of thing on reddit.




Players To Watch For
Cordarrelle Patterson - #84 - If you haven't seen him before, watch this. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=pC20zrKhsyk
It doesn't even look like he's trying that hard. That's his first touch in a regular-season game. The guy has all the athletics to be a freak-of-nature player, and he's finally getting integrated into the offense.
Harrison Smith - #22 - Brandon Marshall called Harrison Smith the hardest hittinest safety in the league. In his second year, Smith is proving to be a cornerstone of the Vikings defense, leaving his heart out there on the field. Here's to hoping he makes a real difference this week.
Matt Cassel - #16 - I expect Cassel to start over Ponder, but will update if Ponder starts. Offensive Coordinator Musgrave clearly has more faith in Cassel and gives him a wider variety of plays, better utilizing Jennings, Wright, Simpson, and Patterson in slant and catch-and-go plays. Cassel escaped without any interceptions, but nearly had three picks in London. Let's just hope that's him shaking off the rust, and not a forewarning of what's to come with Cassel under center.
Jerome Felton - #42 - AP returned to his inhuman status against Pittsburgh, in no small part thanks to Jerome Felton. With Felton on the field, AP managed over 7 YPC -- 4 YPC when Felton wasn't around. He opens up holes for AP. He gives AP confidence to run like a freight train.
How The Vikings Will Try To Win
Using short passes on the outside to force Carolina to abandon an "8 men in the box" strategy, giving AP a chance to run for big gains. We'll put AP through 25+ carries, and hope that at least one or two of them go for 80 yards.
How The Panthers Can Win
On offense, all you have to do is target Josh Robinson. He's allowed something like 32/37 passes his way, and will be the best bet for any receiver. If Chris Cook is back, then it might mean the secondary can play with some level of skill.
On defense, put pressure on our O-Line. The group that was the Minnesota Moving Company last year has been plagued by inconsistency and penalties throughout 2013. The pocket will collapse quickly, or holes will open up. There's little rhyme or reason to why this happened, so we're all left scratching our heads.



Jarred Allen is going to have a career day on Sunday


We got 'em right where we want 'em! Tolbert chipping Allen...


Panthers 24

Vikings    17

I forgot all about Allen lol. The imagine of him doing his little arm celebration just popped in my head lol. That being said, I think we win big. Thus continue with our Dr Heckle and Mr Hyde persona.



That would be his "lasso" celebration