The Carolina Panthers have shown interest in Iowa TE C.J Fiedorowicz.If I were you, I would be extremely excited if the Panthers select him in the middle rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft. The Panthers could potentially pick him up in the 4th round, where would would offer tremendous value and upside.

With safeties getting bigger and more aggressive every year in the NFL, the Panthers would be wise to invest in Fiedorowicz. At 6'5 (closer to 6'6) and 265lbs, he has the size to dominate his opponents on jump balls. He displayed reliable soft hands at the Senior Bowl where he impressed NFL coaches and scouts. At he combine he ran a 4.76 40 despite his hulking size.

His greatest value for the Panthers, however, may come in the run game. Fiedorowicz is as polished a blocking tight end as you will find in any NFL draft. Should the Carolina Panthers decide to move back to more two tight end sets, Fiedorowicz would immediately improve the Panthers 28th ranked offense.

Watch the video, this kid shows a real knack for finding the soft spot of the defense and sitting in it. This is an extremely underrated ability in the media chatter. Also, always catches the ball with his hands, many blocking TE's have a bad habit of bringing it into the body.

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