Here is a look at how the Carolina Panthers match up against the Arizona Cardinals:

Carson Palmer vs Cam Newton. One is a pocket passer on the downward slop of his career. The other is one of the most dynamic play makers the NFL has ever seen. This is an easy call,
Advantage: Panthers

Running Backs:
Arizona starter Rashard Mendenhall is having an awful year. Last week against the Bucs he averaged less than 3 yards per carry and fumbled twice. The backup is a 6th round rookie. Carolina has Deangelo Williams averaging 4.7 yards a carry and features one of the best running games in the NFL.
Advantage: Panthers

Offensive Line
Neither unit is considered good. Carolina's saving grace is Cam Newton's mobility. Arizona's downfall is Palmers concrete feet.
Advantage: Push

Fitzgerald, Floyd, and Roberts vs Smith, Lafell, and Ginn... I would take the former over the latter, as would any coach in the NFL. Jim Dray vs Greg Olsen? No contest, Olsen wins hands down.
Advantage: Cardinals.

Defensive Line
While the Cardinals defensive line is nothing to sneeze at, it just can't compare with what may be the best defensive line Carolina has ever had. Rookie Star Lotulelei is performing at a pro bowl level, making all the difference this season.
Advantage: Panthers

Daryl Washington makes his return after his four game suspension on Sunday, and will play next to Karlos Dansby in their 3-4 scheme. They will see improved linebacker play than against the Bucs last week, but I still would take Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis any day of the week. Moch vs Blackburn is a push.
Advantage: Panthers

I'd trade the Panthers entire secondary for Patrick Peterson and Honey Badger.
Advantage: Cardinals

Bottom Line:

The Panthers have the better players on the field and given adequate coaching and game planning should win this game.

Overall Advantage - Carolina Panthers