The Carolina Panthers head to Arizona on Sunday where they will try to being their record to 2-2.

After handing the NY Giants their first shut out in years, the Carolina Panthers defense will continue their quest for league domination. Arizona currently ranks 27th in the league in total offense. The Panthers should be able to hold them to under 10 points.

Here is a preview of what you will see Sunday....

  • Arizona won't be able to run the ball. Rashard Mendenhall had an awful performance last week. 21 yards gained on 12 carries and two fumbles. It doesn't get much worse for a running back. Rookie Andre Ellington may get more carries this week. Ellington is a speedy edge runner, but should be stifled by the Panthers superior linebackers and defensive ends.
  • Carson Palmer will fold under pressure. A quick look at Palmer's stats tells the story. While under no pressure, Palmer's completion percentage is a respectable 64%. However, while under pressure that number drops to only 20%. If the Panthers front four can get pressure in the base packages the game is over.
  • Larry Fitzgerald will have his moments. The Panthers secondary will not be able to contain Fitzgerald the entire game. I expect a big play or two from him. Although the Cardinals offense is struggling, Fitzgerald has three touchdowns so far this season. The Panthers will give plenty of safety help in covering him, as the deep long ball has been the Panthers weakness on defense at times this season.
Overall I see a very productive day for the Panthers defense on Sunday. If they can contain the outside edges in the run game and get pressure with their base package it will be an easy victory.