David Gettleman and the Carolina Panthers got it right.

Kelvin Benjamin was both the best player available and also filled a huge need at wide receiver. And when I say huge, I mean that literally.

Benjamin instantly becomes for the Panthers what we all hoped Brandon Lafell would turn out to be. A tough jump ball receiver that we could rely on in the red zone in addition to tough third down passes. Benjamin won't be burning many players with his speed, but has a fantastic ability to extend his body and make the catch.

The most important thing: He has all of the physical tools that cannot be taught.

The challenge now is for wide receivers coach Ricky Proehl to mold this young man into a formidable NFL caliber receiver. Proehl, who up until now has had only marginal young talent to develop now gets the keys to a Ferrari. I doubt there is anyone more excited at Bank of America Stadium this morning than Ricky.

Under Proehl's tutelage, Benjamin will develop into that safety outlet that Cam has never had. A guy that Cam can throw the ball high and in the general direction of when under pressure and know there is a good chance Kelvin has got it.

The Moose to Cam's Jake.

If Benjamin can improve on his focus (3 drops vs Florida) and his route running, he will have an immediate positive impact this season for the Panthers. This is exactly what the Panthers needed with their first rounder.

Well done.