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Easy, Roger Goodell continues to look and act like a boring, entitled, stick in the mud of a commissioner.

A few years back he made a point to enforce on "planned TD celebrations" and honestly rightfully so. It was getting out of hand. Even our own Smitty was beginning to get carried away. At their height, the TD celebrations were becoming side show spectacles of the game itself and as such (and again rightfully so) a level of enforcement was placed on them. That was a smart move. A understandable move, but now......

Now we have this bullshit coming up Here and Here. To which I say, Rodg, who the fug asked for this?

Was spinning the ball ruining the shape of the footballs causing a massive rise in the price of footballs thus cutting into the NFL and NFL teams so obviously tight profit margin ? Was it causing turf damage? Did NFL referee's get burns on their hands from the high rpm levels of the ball when they picked them up? Why Rodg?

Only one reason would have any merit, well merit when talking to people who drink their warm milk, complain about obama and use their VCR to record Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy while thy catch the early bird dinner at Denny's, is that celebration is causing an unneeded delay in the game. So basically the 1-3 mins could have been lost. Tell you what, notify the players when one of your Ten fuging Thousand TV timeout's are coming and they can do their celebrations then, how's that?

jtnc posted this recently in a thread about enforcement on the ball spilling celebration:

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On that list, only 2 things stand out to me as a legit unsportsmanlike conduct. Talking poo to someone after a big play and standing over them after a sack/hit/tackle/whatever. These are legit rules. It's something that you don't want a young person to really pick up on and being a creature of common sense I can agree with that.

However, EVERY SINGLE fuging THING LEFT ON THE LIST does one thing more than anything else, it plays into the fan experience a fan experience that is being systematically dismantled for more $$$$ and less F U N.

Basically, Goodell is saying success on the field is nothing to be celebrated by the person that was the method for that success. That enjoyment of the game is more about sitting and watching these people work with no emotion from their end.

I guess a Sack from JJ Watt, arguably the best D-Lineman in the league (last year was possibly one of the best all time) shouldn't be a "thing" to get excited about.

If Adrian Peterson throws a ball into the crowd are you going to flag him for that? Maybe the fan should be ejected for vigorous celebration?

Where does it stop?

Will we start to enforce rules on a team basis?
The lambeau leap is ok for Green Bay, but anyone on any other team must commit Seppuku if they try to somewhere else.

Does Cam Newton need to getting receipts from the TD balls he gives away so Big JR can use that as charitable contributions on his tax return?

Why is ok for Jared Allen to play craps or make cakes or whatever the fug it is he does when he bludgeons a LT with his amazing mullet and sacks a QB?

I hate to throw a racial stereotype out there, but man does this fit the "Stuffy, Rich, Entitled White Guy" stereotype to a T. "Well good friends we can't have those 99%'ers getting all excited when our worker bee's toss one of their fellows to the ground now can we! How Ever will they keep enough control to buy more of the swill beer we sell them and order NFL Ticket for their quaint little homes..huffaaa huffaaa huffaaa" *rings bell for more triple malt scotch and a new smoking jacked*

No Fun League has been thrown around for a long time, Rodger Goodell seems hell bent on making that a reality.