Every off season we find that some of the positions on the field are set in stone.

We know the starting defensive line. We know the running back lineup. We know which linebackers we will see with the starting unit.

When it comes to receivers, however, the depth chart is far from cemented. I've seen Kelvin Benjamin and Marcus Lucas with the ones. I've seen Brenton Bersin and Jericho Cotchery take first string snaps. McNutt and King have played with the starters as well. Philly Brown and De'Andre Presley? Yep, them too.

Every single receiver at some point has gotten time with the starting unit

The message is clear from the coaches to the players: The receiver positions are wide open for competition.

David Gettleman has created a ragtag group of receivers who all are looking for a chance. Undrafted rookies like Philly Brown and Marcus Lucas want to prove he should have been drafted. Other young players, like King, McNutt, and Presley, are looking for the chance to prove their worth in the NFL. Veterans like Tiquan Underwood and Jason Avant are wanting to prove they can become a more productive receiver with the right team.

The result? A group of hungry receivers who see real opportunity. Often times "camp competition" is just an illusion, something coaches say to motivate players. These receivers, however, know for certain that the competition this year is very real. There is no one in front of them. This is a chance they may not get again in the NFL.

In fact, There are only two factors that will decide if any of these players get a locker this season: Desire and Ability.

For any hungry NFL player, you can't ask for anything more.