Another rookie camp has come and gone.

Ron Rivera this may have been the most talent he has seen from a young group. If so, the Panthers could get some much needed help immediately from key positions.

It was obvious from watching the offensive line drills that Trai Turner is on the fast track to starting. Turner got more do-overs and one one one assistance than anyone else at the camp. He looked solid also, receiving praise on more than one occasion as well. Rivera made his way over just when Turner was going through some technique work. Probably not a coincidence...

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There has been a lot of talk about the Canadian Tackle, Foulcault. He is easily one of the largest guys I have ever seen on the football field. He may be a little too tall with a high center of gravity. He was pushed around on more than one occasion by defensive ends who will not be invited to camp. He is a project, to say the least.

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Overall, the tight ends were the most impressive. There was some very good talent on the field. My personal favorite was the 6'6 Baker prospect Joel Murphy. He caught everything thrown his way and has the size to really make an impact on the field. He is my biggest hope for getting a camp invitation, but the competition at TE is pretty tight as it is.

The running backs all looked decent, Tyler Gaffney caught some nice balls out of the backfield. He had one memorable catch on a poorly thrown ball, cradling it over his head and turning up field quickly.

Darrin Reaves also looked good. He may be the sleeper of the camp at the skill positions. He has good size and runs low.

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After practice Rivera praised Philly brown as a very smart football player. Apparently, he is a bit of a cut up as well

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Kony Ealy looked great at times, and overpowered at others. He had looks at both defensive tackle and defensive end. He was hardly able to get any push at tackle, but performed very well at end. Again, it is difficult to assess the linemen in drills that no pads are worn or full contact is not allowed.

The play of the day, and the camp, and possibly the best play I have ever seen at a Panthers practice when to none other than Kelvin Benjamin. In traffic he sprung up out of no where with a beautiful one handed grab towering over everyone. Gettleman nearly had a heart attack from pleasure as KB walked back to the huddle while giving the ole Michael Jordan shrug.

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This got a great laugh from his fellow receivers.

This play told me everything I needed to know. Benjamin absolutely is a high talent individual. That single catch was more than Brandon Lafell had ever shown me, ability wise. This is why he is a first rounder. He can do something that those other guys could not.

At the end, Kelvin had much to smile about.

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Summer School and OTA's start in a few weeks. The coaches will be watching carefully on who retained the information from the rookie camp and carry it through to the next practices. Coachability is something rarely talked about, but could be the difference between who gets a jersey and who does not.