OK ladies and gents, now that the draft is within reach, it is time for a draft contest with a fantastic prize.

What is the prize you ask?

Well its this....

View attachment: 2014-04-22 14.33.jpg

An 8x10 of this photo taken by yours truly from the historic Saints game of Luke Kuechly, autographed by Luke himself. Try finding that in a store.

So what is the contest?


I need your Carolina Panthers 2014 NFL Draft pick predictions round by round. They should be submitted in this format...

Round 1 - Player name
Round 2 - Player name
Round 3 - Player name
Round 4 - Player name
Round 5 - Player name
Round 6 - Player name
Round 7 - Player name

If your submission is not in this format, you are disqualified. You can say whatever you want after you have filled out this format, but do not blather on in the actual submission. If the Panthers trade out of a round, that pick is scratched from the record.

To make this more interesting, the scoring is as follows:

Round 1 - 1 point
Round 2 - 2 points
Round 3 - 3 points
Round 4 - 4 points
Round 5 - 5 points
Round 6 - 6 Points
Round 7 - 10 points!!!

That is right, guess the round 7 pick and you get 10 points. You could win it all with just one correct pick.

One entry per huddler. Deadline is 1 hour before the start of the 2014 NFL Draft. In the event of a tie the winner from the winners pool will be chosen at random. One entry per huddler. No editing once your picks are submitted less you are disqualified.