Dolphins fans are typically a loyal and passionate bunch. They have seen highs and lows, but remain dedicated to their team. Its difficult not to like them.

I browsed for a glimpse of how they see Sunday's matchup...

This is a huge game against Carolina. Right now they are possibly the hottest team in the NFL. Man Id love to have Luke on our team. Love watching him play LB. Reminds me of Zach alot...

People love Luke, and why wouldn't they?

We sure aren't going to score many offensive TDs against them.


Carolina is coming off back-to-back wins in SF and last night against the Patriots. There has to be some sort of emotional letdown, I believe, especially also going the road on a short week.

Could be. Arizona comes to mind.

Personally, I think we get rolled. This could be New Orleans ugly but at home.

I doubt it. I think it will be within 6 points.

Carolina's defense really underwhelmed me last night. They're good, but not that good.

Yes, yes they are. If you think holding Tom Brady to 20 points on MNF is underwhelming... well....