Just because this is a bye week does not mean it is not important to the Carolina Panthers.

Here is a list of outcomes that would be beneficial to the cats!

*SOS= Strength of schedule

In order of importance
Dolphins over Saints

Patriots over Falcons

Cardinals over Bucs

Chargers over Cowboys- (NFC opponent loses, lowers the whole NFC east and Saints SOS)

Raiders over Redskins- (NFC opponent loses,lowers the whole NFC east and Falcons SOS)

Broncos over Eagles- (NFC opponent loses, lowers the Whole NFC east and Bucs SOS)

Lions over Bears(Weakens the Saints SOS)

Bills Over Ravens(Strengthens our SOS and lowers the SOS of the NFC North teams)

Jets over Titans(strengthens our SOS and lowers the SOS of NFC West teams)

Chiefs over Giants(go ahead and bury the Giants and it lowers the entire NFC East SOS)

Steelers over Vikings( Go ahead and bury the Vikings and lowers the entire NFC North SOS)

Bengals over Browns - (Lowers the Lions SOS)

Rams over Niners(lowers the SOS Packers for the only downside is this would strengthen the Cowboys SOS)

Texans over Seahawks (doesn't matter much unless we are in competiton for a number 1 or 2 seed at end of year)

Jags over Colts (This game has no effect on us at all but fug every young QB not named Cam)

General rule of thumb moving forward.

Each NFC south team has 2 unique opponents that can help strengthen or weaken overall SOS.
Here's each teams 2 unique opponents. So when in doubt root for our 2 unique opponents and root against their unique opponents.

Vikings and Giants

Bears and Cowboys

Packers and Skins

Lions and Eagles