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Panthers Training Camp Tips

Jul 18 2014 07:31 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

You've read the announcement. You've seen the schedule. Now, I will give you the inside scoop on the Panthers Training Camp. I have seen a lot of rookie fan mistakes out there, and I aim to clean it up. Camp begins with the Back to Football festiviti...

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Hardy found guilty

Jul 15 2014 08:03 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Greg Hardy was found guilty of assault against his girlfriend after 12 hours in a Charlotte courtroom Tuesday. The judge told the court that Nicole Holder's testimony and injuries were consistent with abuse. Hardy was sentenced to 60 days suspended, m...

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Fan Fest Update

Jun 27 2014 05:23 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Historically, Fan Fest has always taken place well into the start of training camp. Not this year. The Carolina Panthers are having their annual Fan Fest at the start of training camp this year. On July 25, the Panthers will open their doors to thousa...

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Huddle Podcast Episode 3

Jun 24 2014 10:22 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Sammi Jo and I sat down in the Huddle Studio with new WFNZ Host Chris Kroeger and discussed his new show, Panthers, gameday attire, and of course... Pie I reveal to the world Luke Kuechly's favorite pie, a question that had baffled fans for ages. Ap...

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Brandon Williams Catching On

Jun 17 2014 04:44 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Last season, Brandon Williams entered training camp as a long shot. Williams was signed to the Panthers roster in April of 2013 after having been out for football for two years. In 2011 he was diagnosed as having a narrow spinal canal and bulging disk...

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Mini Camp Update

Jun 17 2014 12:51 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers opened up their annual mini-camp in the blistering heat. That heat, however, did not keep them from participating in one of the most impressive mini-camps I have seen. It felt less like a June mini-camp and more like an early Augu...

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Nate Chandler Future Left Tackle?

Jun 06 2014 07:15 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Byron Bell says that he will be the starting left tackle this season for the Panthers. Nate Chandler says not so fast. "Let the cards fall where they may" Chandler said after practice. "Right now I'm playing both tackles, Byron is playing both tackle...

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Carolina Panthers Kony Ealy Earning Praise

Jun 05 2014 04:43 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

After practice on Wednesday afternoon Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera took the time to talk about second round draft pick Kony Ealy. "Kony is an exciting young man, he has got something to him" said Rivera. "I'm excited to see him in pads once we get d...

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Receivers Wide Open

Jun 05 2014 04:51 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Every off season we find that some of the positions on the field are set in stone. We know the starting defensive line. We know the running back lineup. We know which linebackers we will see with the starting unit. When it comes to receivers, however...

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OTA Update

Jun 04 2014 03:16 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Today's heat provided a good preview of Spartanburg and a reminder of how grueling practices can be. Chris Scott left early, presumably from the heat, after being limited to conditioning drills for the day. He was the only casualty. Deangelo Williams...

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