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A little praise for Greg Olsen

Dec 21 2014 07:49 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Greg wasn't targeted much today, but he was absolutely integral in the Panthers success. On two crucial plays he was tasked with blocking for Cam, and did so in pro bowl fashion. First on the Cam Newton bootleg touchdown.... and again on a cruci...

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Credit the Defense for the Victory

Dec 15 2014 07:43 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Looking at all the headlines around the local media today, everyone is crediting Derek Anderson for the win. While it is a nice story, I have to disagree. Derek Anderson had a good day, but without the Panthers defense coming out strong in the third qu...

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Cam's Accident, J-Stew vs D-Will, More...

Dec 10 2014 07:07 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

This week on the Huddle Podcast, Sammi Jo and I sit down with Jonathan Jones from the Charlotte Observer and discuss the Cam Newton car crash. Jonathan was one of the first on the scene and gives a compelling account. Really worth a listen. Also... -...

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Cam has 2 transverse fractures in lower back

Dec 09 2014 03:23 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Per Panthers officials Info... http://www.sportsinj...rocess-fracture A transverse process fracture is quite a rare injury. It usually results from a sudden extreme twisting or side bending movement. Occasionally it may be due to a direct impac...

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Can you hope again?

Dec 08 2014 08:19 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers just handed the New Orleans Saints their worst loss in the Sean Payton era. While there is some optimism among the Panthers faithful, there is also plenty of doubt. Was Sunday's win an indication that the Panthers are finally read...

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Operation 88

Nov 20 2014 08:22 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Dearest Huddlers, The time has now come for us to focus our energy on something positive. Greg Olsen deserves a Pro Bowl this season. 2nd in Receptions 2nd in Yards 7th in TDs All while dealing with issues at home that I cannot imagine dealing with...

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Rivera's Blunder - Illustrated

Nov 17 2014 06:41 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

I have to tell you, I was struggling on Sunday. As a photographer, my job is to capture emotion and passion as plays are being made. These things were no where to be found for three quarters of football. Then a funny thing happened..... a fight broke...

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How We Got Here - A 2014 Timeline

Nov 14 2014 08:48 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Here are the major events of 2014 that got the Panthers to where they are today... February 26 - Jordan Gross retires, leaving a yawning chasm at left tackle on an already suspect and battered offensive line. Speculation of drafting an early round tac...

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Huddle Podcast with Josh Norman

Nov 11 2014 09:54 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

This week on the Huddle Podcast, Josh Norman stops in for a full hour of talk. Topics include: - Panthers woes - That almost inerception - Trash talk - Team leaders - and much more. Lots of interesting things discovered about Josh you probably di...

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Rhythm - It Matters

Nov 11 2014 08:09 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

There will be a lot of talk about the Monday night game. There is plenty of awful game tape to look through and blame throughout the team to place. One thing that won't be shown or talked about is the lack of rhythm the entire offense has displayed. I...

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