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Philly Brown on preparation

Sep 09 2014 06:50 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Last week I reported Philly Brown was the first player to the practice field. I found him not catching passes, but catching extra punt return reps shot from the punt machine. I wondered if that was the coaches idea, or perhaps his. "That was me, that...

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Catching up with KB

Sep 08 2014 06:12 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

I caught up with Kelvin Benjamin after the game to get a sense of his excitement level after just finishing his first real game as a pro and also catching his first touchdown. His excitement level was, well, low. Kelvin is not a player that is surp...

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Luke happy... but not satisfied

Sep 08 2014 05:30 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers scored their first points of the game on Sunday, Luke Kuechly was visibly upset. I was about 20 yards away from him at the time, but I heard his yell over the cheering crowd. Luke instantly transformed from a mild mannere...

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Along the Sidelines - Bucs Edition

Sep 07 2014 09:37 PM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Sunday's win over the Buccaneers started with confidence, followed by anxiety, and ended with exhilaration. I am not sure you could ask for more from a football game. I was very impressed with Derek Anderson. Aside from his performance, which was soli...

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Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread

Sep 07 2014 04:09 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Today in the season opener the Panthers take on the Bucs in a divisional mathcup. Where: Raymond James Stadium Kickoff: 4:30 TV: FOX Radio: 1110 WBT Twitter: I will be covering the game from the sidelines, follow @CarolinaHuddle for updates start...

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Behind Enemy Lines - Bucs Edition

Sep 05 2014 06:38 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Here are a few stories of interest from the Tampa Bay media... The Bucs are desperately trying to fill the seatsJust the other day, the Bucs sent out a letter that if you've been a season-ticket holder going back to only 2007 — just seven years ago a...

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On Cam Newton's Playing Status...

Sep 05 2014 04:06 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

There has been lots of speculation on Cam Newton's status for Sunday. Scott Fowler believes Newton will start. Bill Voth is leaning towards Cam not playing JJ is on the fence Why the differing opinions? Well, probably because the source, namely Ron...

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Panthers at Bucs - Quick Hits

Sep 03 2014 05:10 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

As the season opener draws nearer, I thought I would take a moment to put down some quick hits on the game. 1. Buccaneers Head Coach Lovie Smith Bucs fans were calling for Tampa Bay to hire Lovie as far back as last October. Lovie Smith has always...

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Breaking Down the Safeties

Aug 31 2014 08:51 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Here is the breakdown of the currenty Safeties on the Panthers roster. Warning: Not for the faint of heart. Starters Roman Harper - Age 31 - Run stuffing vet that is often beat deep in coverage. Recovering from turf toe that kept him sidelined for m...

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Breaking Down the Offensive Line

Aug 31 2014 06:06 AM | Jeremy Igo in Carolina Panthers

Warning: This roster is still fluid and may change by the season opener. Overall Stats Offensive Line Members - 10 Average Age - 25.3 Average Weight - 314 Average Years in League - 3.1 David Gettleman's group of "Hog Mollies" are as young as they ar...

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