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Carolina Panthers Cam Newton – The Superbowl is 2017

Carolina Panthers MVP quarterback Cam Newton addressed the media after today’s last minicamp practice. It didn’t take long before Newton was asked a question relating to the 2016 Carolina Panthers Superbowl appearance.

Cam was not entertaining that subject from the media.

“We’re not worried about the Superbowl” Newton said. “The Superbowl is 2017, we still have a lot to do in 2016 is 2016.”

When asked a second question that involved Superbowl 50, Newton doubled down on his deflection. The past was not something Cam wished to talk about today.

“I’m really not focused on the past Superbowl. Like I said, the Superbowl was February ’16 this is June ’16.” Newton said. “I’m just looking forward.”

Carolina Panthers Cam Newton

Clearly, Cam Newton is ready to move on from the Superbowl game and press conference that has stirred up so much controversy this offseason. Instead, Cam would rather talk about the future and what the Carolina Panthers are currently doing to improve.

“I don’t need to keep talking about things that happened in the past. For what its worth, I’m here. I’m trying to get better. Find ways to, you know, link up with players in this offseason so that we can maximize our talents and start in playoff form.

Newton has had a fairly impressive offseason thus far, with only the occasional overthrow or poor read. This has been the case his entire career, including last year’s MVP season, and should be expected at this point. Cam Newton says he and his team are determined to improve on his MVP season.

“We have to make sure we are prepared to go on all cylinders.” Cam Newton said.

The Carolina Panthers mini camp has officially ended. The next practices will begin at the end of July, schedule TBD.


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