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Carolina Panthers Cam Newton “Transcending” the QB Position

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton received high praise from his pro bowl tight end Greg Olsen recently. Olsen was asked by Colin Cowherd on his show The Herd about Newton and how he is different from other quarterbacks.

“In the beginning, people never saw the quarterback do a front flip” Olsen said of Cam Newton “and then get up after a touchdown, then dab and dance, give the ball to the front row kids.”

Cam Newton has received an unusual amount of criticism throughout his career with the Carolina Panthers. When an athlete does not fit in the cookie cutter mold that the American public has learned to expect over decades, feathers get ruffled. Anyone looking to feed their own ego have the opportunity to take a shot at Newton. From ESPN anchors to Tennessee moms, it has been open season on Cam Newton.

Greg Olsen doesn’t think this will always be the case. Now that Newton has reached a high level of success with the Carolina Panthers, his personality will become more widely accepted. Perhaps the title of NFL MVP help will turn fan confusion into captivation this season.

“This is a guy that is transcending the position, and I think people are captivated by it” Olsen added.

Cam Newton’s ascension from merely a NFL QB position was on display recently during his charity kickball event. Newton was surrounded by adoring fans to a degree that a Charlotte celebrity has never seen. Newton handled the situation as well as anyone could expect, clearly he is ready for his fame.

Cm Newton
Cam Newton and fans

Will the 2016 NFL season bring the end of the seemingly never ending feigned outrage over Cam Newton’s antics? Probably not. After all, there is real money to be made by publishing silly letters to the editors that probably should not see the light of day. But I suspect (or maybe hope) that the constant barrage of Cam Newton criticism will at some point become too cliche for the national sports networks and local papers.

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He’s not make that bigger of a difference amount money a year.He’s just playing more years. By the time Cam get other endorsements he will pass him. All you people are just Carolina Panthers haters.

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