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Official Prediction – Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos

Spoiler Alert! Through the miracle of modern science I am able to provide you with an accurate accounting of the Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos tonight, before it actually begins. This method is highly complex, involving proprietary CH algorithms, key predictors from past games, and various matches of rock, paper, scissors.

The end result is a prediction guaranteed to be at most 98% accurate. So scroll down if you don’t mind knowing the unknown while staring into the abyss.

Key Stat 1 – Three Cam Newton Touchdowns

Our findings show that Cam Newton will have three touchdowns this evening. Two if by land, one if by air. Greg Olsen and Philly Brown will be on the receiving end of the touchdown throws, as much defensive attention will be given to Kelvin Benjamin.

Newton has been waiting all offseason for this very moment and will unleash a reckoning upon the Denver Broncos the likes have which have never been seen. His bid for consecutive MVP titles begins this evening.

The altitude is not your ally when you are playing against Superman

Key Stat 2 – 64 Denver Rushing Yards 

With what is basically a rookie quarterback under center for the Broncos, the game plan will be to run the ball against the Carolina Panthers defense. However, for that to actually happen the Panthers would need to be at all concerned about the passing game, which they are not. The end result is a catch 22 for the Broncos offense. To gain rushing yards they will first need to pass. To be able to pass, they will first need to run the ball.

Neither tonight will happen. The Broncos finish the evening with 64 yards on the ground.

Key Stat 3 – A Single Von Miller  Sack

Von Miller will be able to sack Cam Newton in the first quarter as emotions run high. A worrisome moment for Panthers fans will give way to excitement as the Panthers offense answers with a 23 yard Fozzy Whitaker screen pass. For the first time, the Denver crowd will start to see this may not be their night.

Conclusion and Prediction

Though the Denver Broncos will start the game valiantly, they will quickly fade when they realize their offensive unit is just no match for the Carolina Panthers defense. Without an experienced quarterback, the Broncos are forced to run the ball and pray for a close fourth quarter. They won’t get it.

The Carolina Panthers will put up 4 touchdowns and field goal in this match. Jonathan Stewart adds the fourth to the three already discussed in this prediction.

Final Score:

Carolina Panthers – 31

Denver Broncos – 10




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You blew this prediction. Denver 147 yards rushing. Just like in the Superbowl your famed interior defensive line was played even. If it wasn’t for Davis and Kuechly the interior would be suspect. There were 3.5 sacks by Denver and many hurries.

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