What 49ers Fans are Saying about the Carolina Panthers

Each week I bring to you the best and the worst of what opposing fan bases are saying. This week, 49ers fans discuss their chances against the Carolina Panthers.

The 49ers are faced with a short week and an east coast trip to play the Carolina Panthers. As it turns out, the 49ers were in a similar position last year, and it didn’t end well for them. 

“Last year, the 49ers opened up 2015 with an impressive 20-3 win on Monday Night Football over the Minnesota Vikings. And yet the short-rested Niners had to travel east to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were also well rested after debuting the previous Thursday night. Those results weren’t pretty. The Steelers dominated the Niners 43-18.”

I wasn’t aware of this, and it makes me feel a bit better about the game on Sunday. Call me crazy, but I prefer the Carolina Panthers not be 14 point favorites.

From the same article, some San Francisco fans would be happy with a moral victory?

“The NFL isn’t a moral-victory league. And yet the 49ers could easily achieve one here. Even if San Francisco loses — and it’s impossible to bet they won’t — keeping pace with the mighty Panthers would be yet another step in the right direction.”

I have to admit, seeing the Carolina Panthers held up as the gold standard isn’t something I am quite used to yet. However, I am so happy the Carolina Panthers have not had to worry about moral victories for many seasons, aren’t you?

From 49erswebzone.com , a fan community for the 49ers

On Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera falling asleep during the 49ers boring Monday Night Football Game

“rivera fell asleep? time to wake this geriatric f**k up on sunday then”

Ron Rivera was a NFL linebacker that comes from a military family. I long for the day some rowdy fan gets in Ron Rivera’s face on. I imagine Ron treating the doughy fan’s painted face as his personal stress relief ball. Squeezing and contorting it into various shapes as the crowd cheers.

On the Panthers-Broncos game

“Well the Panthers got dominated by the Broncos so if we had a updated picture the 49ers would look like we are the far better team”

Apparently losing by a last second field goal is being “dominated” by 49ers fans standards. To be fair, this has been the only way they can squeak out a victory for the past few seasons. Don’t be angry at them, they don’t know any better.

On who will cover Kelvin Benjamin

“Kelvins gonna get his in this game. I am starting to think we match up pretty well against them. Ray Ray will have to play huge cause Olsen is the primary threat to shut down. I expect Robinson on Benjamin in Nickle. Ward on Ginn. Brock on Funchess. Should be a much better game than what Vegas thinks.”

Wait, Robinson on Benjamin? 4th round rookie Rashard Robinson will cover Kelvin Benjamin? Rashard Robinson, who has not been targeted a single time in the NFL? Covering Kelvin Benjamin? I am sure the Carolina Panthers would love to see that happen.

Again with the moral victories?

“I don’t think we really have a chance in this one…what I am hoping for is to give them hell and make it competitive. I am not big on moral victories…but this is most definitely a game where that is all I am asking for. It is just too soon in the process to expect more than that.”

Cut it out. I am starting to feel sorry for this fan base.

On the Carolina Panthers offense

“CAROLINA’s offense is so simple that if we dont get caught up to CAMERON’s size and athletecism, we shouldn’t have any problem containing them… CAM looks for Olsen 75% of the time, so please, no TANK on Olsen !!!”

And there it is, the “coup de grace” of 49ers fan talk for this week. Carolina’s offense is a lot of things, but simple isn’t one of them. The air coryell offensive system Mike Shula has put in place can be inefficient at times, mainly due to its complexity. Still, it is the offense that managed to score the most points in the entire NFL last season.


Jeremy Igo is owner of Carolina Huddle. Based in Charlotte, he has covered the Carolina Panthers for over a decade.