Was Cam Newton told not to run?

As the Carolina Panthers suffer yet another loss this season, questions are starting to form around Cam Newton and the change in his game. Namely, Cam no longer scrambles when under pressure. Instead, he is typically sacked, or at least hit as the Panthers offensive line gives way to the defense.

Cam was candid in today’s post game interview about why he is not running as much.

It just does not get much clearer than that. Newton has been asked not to scramble when things get tight. Instead, he is to stay in the pocket. Why would this be?

The Panthers coaching staff possibly could be concerned for Cam Newton’s health after numerous hits to the head this season. Although cleared medically to play after being on the concussion protocol, the coaching staff may not be comfortable exposing Newton to the same level of hits numerous times a game. The bad news here is by limiting what Cam can do to protect himself (ie running) it may have the opposite effect.

Ironically, the most exciting play of the day came on a Cam Newton run that nearly won the game.

carolina panthers cam newton

Ron Rivera stated during his post game press conference that the Carolina Panthers will be eveluating players, plays, and coaches as they enter the bye week. Lets hope that they realize handcuffing Cam Newton is not the answer.

Jeremy Igo is owner of Carolina Huddle. Based in Charlotte, he has covered the Carolina Panthers for over a decade.