Bad OC, Bad QB, Bad OT – Other than that, Panthers are great

As many of us feared, it appears that Carolina Panthers 2-0 record was a complete fugazi. A stat that was meaningless considering who the wins came against. Today, the New Orleans Saints exposed the Panthers for what they really are.

Simply put, the Carolina Panthers are a bad football team.

Yes, they are injured. Greg Olsen is on IR. Kelvin Benjamin left the game early. Ryan Kalil has a sore neck. The problem is, however, that none of that explains the  piss poor play calling from the booth.

For instance, when the Carolina Panthers tried to go deep and loosen up the Saints’ defense, it was lumbering to receiver Devin Funchess. Not Damiere Byrd. Not Curtis Samuel. Not even Christian McCaffrey. It was designed for the slowest receiver active for the Panthers currently. That is a problem.

Offensive Cooridnator Mike Shula is not alone in the blame placing department however. Cam Newton himself shares a large portion of the humble pie. Newton was dismal today, staring down receivers and giving the Saints defense an easy feast. A sore shoulder does not explain the horrible decisions he made today. Missing practice reps also does not fully explain it for a 6th years quarterback.

Cam Newton must improve, and if he doesn’t the Carolina Panthers must find a coach that will force him to improve.

To top things off, free agent tackle acquisition Matt Kalil has looked very Remmers’esque since joining the team. The fact that he did not even see the Saints’ best defensive end lined up across from him early in the game is all the information anyone should need. If Kalil does not improve, and in a hurry, it is time to see what Taylor Moton is capable of.

In short, the Carolina Panthers are seriously lacking at offensive coordinator, quarterback, and left tackle. But other than that, things are just fine.

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