Panthers offense needs less “evolution”, more “intelligent design”

For an entire offseason in 2017, the Carolina Panthers developed and implemented a plan to “evolve” their offense. Panthers offensive coordinator was tasked with retooling the offense, making it faster and more efficient. The result has been the opposite.  In his first real departure from the Chudzinski system he inherited, Shula’s evolved offense looks like a complete dud.

The Carolina Panthers offense is not only far less efficient, but also lacks any discernible identity. And that, my friends, is a huge problem.

As of today, the Panthers offense ranks 28th in the league. This after spending two high draft picks on dynamic offensive talent and acquiring a big money left tackle. Teams ranked 28 in the league offensively do not make the post season. This is the bitter reality all Carolina Panthers players and coaches should be waking up to this morning.

When Mike Shula was the offensive coordinator under Tony Dungy in Tampa Bay, an offensive melt down would happen fairly frequently. Dungy’s response was always something Ron Rivera and the Carolina Panthers should consider today. Get back to basics, simplify the playbook.

Instead of adding more convoluted plays to the game plan, understand that your players cannot properly execute the plays you already have. Now is the time to scale back.

It isn’t like the opposing defenses are at all concerned about the Panthers’ big play ability. Not when their starting quarterback cannot practice due to a sore shoulder. So accept this fact, because the rest of the NFL already has.

Every week Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera talks about multiple “missed opportunities”. Is that not a clear indicator that the offensive system they are in is beyond their current ability?

Scrap the “evolved” offense today. You don’t have the personnel to execute it even if it was coached properly. Instead get back to a traditional NFL offense. Line up your fullback in the i-formation. Pound the ball with Jonathan Stewart. Use play action to your advantage from under center. Put a helmet on a helmet and impose your will on the defense. You are far more likely to be successful with that approach than an overly complex system that half of the players don’t understand and the other half cannot execute to begin with.

In short, ditch the evolution. Go with a more intelligent design. After scoring only 3 touchdowns in 3 games, could it really hurt?

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