Cam Newton owns the New England Patriots

With his latest victory over the New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has become the winningest quarterback in franchise history. It is fitting Newton reached this achievement while defeating a team that clearly he has ownership of.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the Patriots are a wholly owned subsidiary of Cam Newton. Clearly that is not the case. Saying so could be seen as a insult to the Patriots and their fan base, and who would want that?

What I am saying is that Cam does at least have partial ownership of the Patriots from New England. After all, Cam has never lost to the Patriots and likely never will.

It is only fitting that Newton used the Patriots as his “get right” game for the Carolina Panthers. Until Sunday’s match, Cam just did not look like the Cam that Carolina Panthers fans were accustomed to seeing. Still hampered by a shoulder recovering from surgery and the resulting lack of practice, Cam was a shadow of his former self. That is, until New England came along.

The result was 4 touchdowns and 360 yards of total offense. Getting right never felt so good.

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Perhaps the Patriots should thank Newton for his continued ownership of their franchise? I am not saying songs should be written and sung with enthusiasm before each game. That would be silly. Perhaps something more subtle is in order. Something classy.

A golden throne left empty on the sidelines just in case Newton decides to make an appearance? That sounds nice, has old testament undertones.  Or perhaps a luxury suite next to co-owner Robert Kraft’s making it convenient for the two to talk about the future of the franchise? Probably more practical.

In any event, it is not my place to tell the Patriots their business. I am sure whatever they eventually decide will be appropriate.

Until then, Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are leading their division thanks in part to New(ton’s) England Patriots.

Agree? Disagree? You can sound off right here with thousands of Carolina Panthers fans.

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